Horizontal drum lifting tongs dls500

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Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DLS500

Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DLS500

With a lifting capacity of 500kg these horizontal drum lifting tongs DLS500 can lift steel drums with ease.  

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About the Horizontal Drum Lifting Tongs DLS500

Lifting steel drums when in a horizontal position is not as easy as lifting them in an upright position. However with the DLS500 drum tongs together with a means of lifting, such as a hoist or forklift hook attachment then it becomes a straight forward task.

The simplistic design of these drum tongs means that then are easy to maintain and keep clean, they also take up minimal space when storing due to the flat design. They are made from heavy duty steel and incorporate a locking bar to ensure the tongs stay firmly clamped under the drum rims.

These drum lifting tongs are most commonly utilized with a forklift truck sleeve with a hook, (available separately) although it is possible to use them with some type of hoisting system.

Different Drum Lifters

There is a great range of drum lifters available at Lifting Gear Direct. Some can lift steel drums whilst others can lift poly/plastic drums. There are designs to lift drums either horizontally or vertically but if you would like the option of both with one product then check out the DLC drum sling. The majority of this type of drum lifters grip the drums on or under the top rim and will require additional equipment to perform the lifting operation. Fork lift truck attachments are a great way to use these drum tongs and grabs because you can lift AND transport the drums whilst making the most out of your truck.