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Vertical drum lifter dls360

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Vertical Drum Lifter – DLS360

Vertical Drum Lifter – DLS360

This vertical drum lifter DLS360 enables the lifting of 210 litre steel drums and have a maximum lifting capacity or 360kg.

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About the Vertical Drum Lifter – DLS360

Lifting a steel drum vertically does not necessarily mean needing a pricey technical piece of equipment. The DLS360 vertical drum lifter is simplistic in design yet has the power to lift steel drums up to 360kg in weight.

The heavy duty steel construction drum lifting grabs incorporates a central anchor point for attaching the lifter to a hook on the lifting system used. There are three straight legs/prongs attached to this centre point which end with a formed lip to sit snugly under the top rim of a steel drum.

As the device is lifted ,due to gravity and the weight of the drum the necessary forces are applied to pull the legs up and in tightly, ensuring the drum will be held firmly until it is set down again. Once set down and the lifter slackened it will fall away, releasing the drum.

Forklift truck hook attachments are ideal for this type of drum lifter because they can lift and move the drums easily. They are also able to set it down without leaving the drivers seat.

Other Drum Lifters

The equipment for lifting drums comes in many shapes and formats and Lifting Gear Direct can supply them all. We have a number of other simple drum lifters and tongs similar to this one which are probably the cheapest type of drum handling equipment around. However most lifters of this type will require additional equipment to do the actual lifting. Using a fork lift truck with a hook attachment is common practice but if you don't own a forklift then perhaps a hoisting and/or crane system will better suit your needs.

Other methods of drum handling include drum trucks, drum trolleys, drum rotators and forklift drum attachments.

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