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Drum lifting clamp dlg500

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Drum Lifting Clamp DLG500

Drum Lifting Clamp DLG500

The DLG500 drum lifting clamp is for lifting 210 litre steel drums vertically from the top rim. 500Kg maximum lifting capacity.

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About the Drum Lifting Clamp DLG500

Constructed from heavy duty steel and finished with a powder coating this vertical drum clamp can lift steel drums with ease.

The DLF500 drum lifting clamp incorporates a shackle with master link at the top for anchoring to a lifting device. The lifting device could be a hoist and gantry although a forklift truck hook attachment (available separately) is perhaps the commonest solution to both lift and transport drums.

The central clamp acts automatically using the forces applied with gravity and weight. When the drum is set down and the pressure taken off, the clamp will automatically release the drum.

At the bottom end of the clamp is a covered flat component which acts as a support to stabilise the drum and prevent tilting.

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