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Drum lifting sling

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Drum Lifting Sling

Drum Lifting Sling

If you need to lift drums in a variety of orientations, this 2 leg drum sling could be the answer. This drum sling can lift drums with rimmed edges, normally of the steel variety. 1 or 2 drums can be handled simultaneously and can aid lifting, tipping and turning the drums.  This is a special type of chain sling for lifting steel drums vertically or horizontally. This 2 leg drum sling has special drum grabs at the end of each chain leg to clamp onto the rim of a steel drum for lifting.  

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Drum Lifting Sling Features

Here we have a drum lifting sling or chain drum grab which enables the easy lifting of 210 litre sized steel drums up to a maximum lifting capacity of 1000kg.

Just like a standard 2 leg chain sling, this drum lifting version incorporates 2 lengths of robust chain. The chain is fixed to a master link at the top to allow it to be easily fitted to a lifting hoist or other lifting device. A popular method of lifting with these drum lifting slings is to attach it to a forklift mounted hook attachment.

The lower end of each chain terminates with mechanical drum grabs to clamp onto the drums rim, then the drum can be lifted, manipulated and transported really easily with no complex devices. (other than the forklift!)

This particular drum lifting solution has a number of benefits over other types. Firstly it takes up little space, unlike some of the other drum lifting equipment. Secondly and perhaps most importantly this sling can be used to lift steel drums vertically from the top or horizontally using both top and bottom rims of the drum. (see Images for example).

It is also possible to use these drum slings to manipulate the drums orientation. For example; if a drum is laying down horizontally, by using one grab on the top rim it can be raised to vertical, and visa versa. Tilting the drum to certain angles is another option. Obviously the hoist will need to be able to move back and forth as well as up and down to achieve this type of movement  and can be a little tricky but with a little practice it will become second nature.

The DL500 drum sling has a 500kg lifting capacity per leg so if using both legs on the same drum it can lift up to 1000kg. This drum handling device is light in weight at just 5kg and together with its compact nature it is easy to transport and maybe even fit in your toolbox.

Drum Lifting Products from Lifting Gear Direct

Drum lifting equipment are products for completely lifting drums and barrels quite some distance from the ground. Unlike drum trucks which although do lift the drums from the ground it is only marginally, just enough to be able to push it around.

What you will find in the drum lifting collection at Lifting Gear Direct is a selection of drum tongs, drum grabs, drum slings and drum clamps. Whilst all of these can help to lift a drum, the physical lifting is actually done by a hoist of some kind or a forklift truck with a special attachment.

Whatever your drum handling needs are, we can help.