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DLSV drum lifters

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DLSV Drum Lifters – Vertical

DLSV Drum Lifters – Vertical

There are two models in this DLSV drum lifters collection. Both lift drums vertically, one is for steel drums only whilst the other can be used for steel and 'L' ring poly drums.

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About the DLSV Drum Lifters

These vertical drum lifters from the DLSV range are constructed from heavy duty steel for use with open – loose head or closed – tight head 210 litre drums/barrels.

The two models are:

The DLSV can be used for lifting 210 litre steel drums only and has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 500kg. The form of the drum grab enables lifting from under the top rim.

The DLSV2 has a maximum safe working load of 350kg and incorporates wider clamp rims for added protection of the drum rims. These are suitable for both steel drums and 'L' ring poly drums with a 210 litre holding capacity.

Both models incorporate a guide handle on each side for easy manipulation onto the drum. There is a top lifting eye for attaching to your hoisting/lifting device which could be a hook attachment for a forklift truck (most popular option) or a hoisting system. As the drum lifter is raised the forces applied will make the lifter tighten and clamp around the drum where it will be held securely until it is rested down again and the lifter, lowered to remove the clamping force.

Other Drum Lifting Solutions

Many of this type of drum lifting equipment uses gravity and weight to introduce the forces necessary to clamp onto the drum. This makes them cheaper and easier to maintain than some more mechanically aided drum handling devices.

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply drum rotating equipment as well as drum trolleys for easy transportation. The forklift truck drum attachments are ideal for handling drums in differing ways if you you own a forklift.