Drum dollies

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Drum Dollies

Drum Dollies

Drum Dollies or barrel dollies are available from the vast range of drum handling equipment at Lifting Gear Direct. A drum dolly is the simplest manual drum handling solution and we have 5 different barrel dolly options to choose from including powder coated steel, stainless steel and plastic (polyethylene). Read on below to find out more.

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What is a Drum Dolly?

A drum dolly is a piece of drum handling equipment used for manually moving steel drums and barrels around.

Although there are variations between models, essentially drum dollies are a platform on castors, designed to perfectly fit a drum or barrel. Once a drum is loaded onto the dolly, whether full or empty you can easily move it around by simply pushing against the top of the drum.

Types of Drum Dollies

Of the 5 models available the smallest and cheapest dolly is the 5GTD which can handle 20 or 25 litre drums. They are made from pressed steel with a powder coated finish. The frame/platform is the simplest of all models and will support drums up to 580mm in diameter. There is a bolt on the frame for minor adjustments to better fit the drum.

The rest of the barrel dollies can all handle 210 litre steel or poly type drums. The BGD80 drum dolly is a simple cross shape of powder coated steel with raised edges to ensure the drum remains in position, these are also great for 80 litre grease drums. The 80mm castors enable easy manoeuvring with a top capacity of 300kg. The inside diameter measures 585mm.

Then we have the DD4 and DD4S dolly which have the similar cross of steel but with the addition of a circular gusset for extra support. The internal diameter is 603mm and the castors are 76mm. The DD4 is a mild steel, powder coated drum trolley that can handle up to 400kg. Whilst the DD4S is made from stainless steel and has a maximum capacity of 350kg.

Finally we have the DDP and DDPH plastic dollies made from MDPE (medium density polyethylene). Both trolleys contain a sump and can contain spills up to 30 litres. Each incorporates 4 castors for ease transportation, however the DDPH models incorporates a steel handle for even easier guiding of a loaded trolley. These MDPE drum trolleys measure 725mm in diameter and 255mm high. The DDPH is 990mm high to the top of the handle.

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Other Drum Moving Equipment

If a drum dolly is not quite the right piece of drum handling equipment for your needs then the next piece of barrel moving equipment to consider would be the range of drum trolleys. These are a little like a sack truck but specifically for transporting barrels and drums of different varieties. There are various models available which handle the drums in different ways. Some simply grab and tilt to transport whilst others lift and tip to empty the drum, some can lift the drum to higher levels for stacking and loading, so check out the range to find the ideal drum truck for your needs.

For lifting drums and barrels we have a good range of drum lifting equipment consisting of a wide range of grabs, clamps and lifters for lifting a drum with a lifting device such as a hoist or perhaps attached to one of our forklift mounted drum handling attachments.

Whatever your drum handling requirements are, you are sure to find a solution at Lifting Gear Direct.

Model Drum Capacity MAX. Load Capacity Drum Diameter Material Unloaded Weight
5GTD 20/25l
580mm max. Pressed powder coated steel 2.4kg
BGD80 210l 300kg 585mm Pressed powder coated steel 5kg
DD4 210l 400kg 603mm mild steel powder coated 10kg
DD4S 210l 350kg 603mm 201 stainless steel 7kg
DDP 210l
725mm MDPE* 14kg
DDPH 210l
725mm MDPE* 15.5kg
*MDPE = medium density polyethylene