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DTHR hydraulic drum truck

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DTHR Hydraulic Drum Truck

DTHR Hydraulic Drum Truck

Use the DTHR hydraulic drum truck for quick and easy lifting and moving of 210 litre steel drums.

Hydraulic grab and lift functions for single person operation.

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About the DTHR hydraulic drum truck

The DTHR hydraulic drum truck incorporates a spring loaded hydraulically operated grab which grips the steel drum around the top rim. It is easy to position the drum in the correct place each time thanks to the rear lower brace and top steel stop which rest against the rear of the drum when positioned correctly.

Then the grab can be located on the rim by turning the operation lever and cranking the handle. Once the grab is firmly clamped onto the rim the handle can be cranked further to raise the drum from the floor in order to transport it.

When it comes to lowering and releasing the drum, the sensitive release valve is turned, this will slowly lower the drum back to the ground and release the tension on the grab. Pushing forward on the lever at the top of the grab will completely release the drum.

There are two fixed wheels to thee front of the truck and a single castor to the rear which incorporates a brake for optimum safety whilst loading. The truck measures 1050mm High by 800mm wide and 820mm deep and has a maximum lifting capacity of 250kg. The maximum stance between the front legs is 630mm and the maximum height the drum will lift is 245mm so please ensure this truck will suit your needs.

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Model DTHR
Drum Type steel
Drum Size 210 litre
Capacity 250kg
Dimensions 1050H x 800W x 820D mm
weight 42kg
Distance between legs 630mm
Max. drum lift height 245mm