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Cantilever drum trolley dtcl

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Cantilever Drum Trolley DTCL

Cantilever Drum Trolley DTCL

The DTCL cantilever drum trolley uses tensioned springs/gas strut to hold steel or poly drums firmly. Can be used for 100-210 litre drums. Single person operation.

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About the Cantilever Drum Trolley DTCL

The DTCL is a cantilevered drum trolley which lifts the drum from the top rim. The drum is lifted clear off the floor.

A single person can easily lift steel drums, poly type drums and barrels with this drum trolley. The handle is attached to a gas strut for assisted movement. The handle is lifted to lower the attachment grabs down to the drum, When the drum is attached the the handle is pulled back down with the aid of the gas strut to its original position whilst raising the drum at the same time.

Thanks to the two fixed wheels and rear castor the truck can be moved and steered with ease. The rear castor projects out from the main framework and is ideal as a foot rest to prevent the truck from moving whilst attaching the drum. The drum will be held firmly in place during transportation and will not swing around.

With a top capacity of 365kg, loaded drums of up to 210 litres in size can be handled with ease. The maximum height that the drum is lifted is 220mm. The weight of the truck is 45kg when unloaded.

More Drum Truck Varieties

There are many types of drum trucks and drum trolleys available to enable easy handling of drums and barrels in a variety of ways. Whilst the basic ones will simply lift a drum on a bottom platform, some, like this one will truly lift the drum but from the top. Other trucks include drum tilter trolleys which allow the drum to be rotated to facilitate emptying.

Hydraulic drum trucks or pump truck use a hydraulic system so the handle can be pumped to lift the drum. These are ideal for loading and unloading drums from pallets for example, although some can lift the drums much higher to enable vehicle loading and drum stacking.

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a wide range of drum handling equipment including drum lifting grabs and clamps as well as a great selection of fork lift truck mountable drum lifting products. Check out the full range to ensure you are choosing the best possible product to suit your requirements.