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Pt45 heavy duty drum trolleys

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PT45 Heavy Duty Drum Trolleys

PT45 Heavy Duty Drum Trolleys

 The PT45 Heavy Duty drum trolley range can be used with poly/plastic drums and steel drums with capacities up to 210 litres and safe working loads of 350kg. Ideal for use outdoors and rough terrain.

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About the PT45 Heavy Duty Drum Trolley

There are 2 models in the PT45 heavy duty drum trolley collection. The first model, the PT45 incorporates solid rubber tyres and comes with 2 solid rubber rear castors with brakes.

The second model, the PT45X has pneumatic tyres and just 1 heavy duty rear castor with a brake. This model can be used in all terrains thanks to the pneumatic tyres and single rear wheel. There is also a steel chain with a plastic protective cover to secure the drum back to the frame.

Both drum trucks can be used for steel and poly type drums of 210 litre capacities, and a maximum loading capacity of 350kg.

Two people are required to safely load a drum onto these drum trolleys, one to hold the trolley steady and guide it into position and the other to tilt the drum in order to slide the trolley under it.

The framework to the drum trucks is powder coated steel with a solid platform to support the drum or barrel. The PT45 base model weight 61kg whilst the PT45X all terrain model weighs just 32kg due to the air filled tyres and single rear castor.

More Drum Trucks and other Drum Handling Solutions

Should you not really need a heavy duty drum truck you will find a wide variety of other types of drum trolleys as well as different styles of drum handling equipment. The types of trolleys vary in the way they pick up and hold the drums and include options to enable the drums to be rotated. The most basic drum moving device would be a drum dolly, simply a platform on wheels!

The drum lifting equipment collection includes grabs and tongs to be used with a hoisting device. But should you own a fork lift truck then you may be interested in one of our forklift mounted drum handling attachments; making better use of your forklift could be more cost efficient in the long term.

Model Description Tyre Wheel Diameter Capacity Drum Type Weight
PT45 2 rear HD castors with brakes Solid Rubber 210mm 350kg Steel & Poly 53kg
PT45X All Terrain, 1 rear HD castor with brake Pneumatic 260mm 350kg Steel & Poly 30kg