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High lift drum trolley

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High Lift Drum Trolley DTH300 – 450 Series

High Lift Drum Trolley DTH300 – 450 Series

This high lift drum trolley series operates with a hydraulic grab and pump lift. Parallel or 90 degree leg options available. Ideal for loading and off loading from pallets, sump trays and some vehicles.

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About the High Lift Drum Trolley Series

There are 5 model variations in this series of high lift drum trolleys. Two have parallel legs (DTH300 & 350) and 3 have 90 degree 'V' shaped legs (DTH350H, 400 & 450).

The foot operated hydraulics used both to grab the drum at the top rim and to lift it. The foot lever folds up out of the way for transportation and there are handles at the rear for pushing and steering the trolley.

The parallel leg models have low to the ground legs designed to go under a pallet and therefore ideal for easy pallet loading and off loading. The models with 90 degree legs have a higher base and fit around the corner of a pallet and slightly over the top for handling drums from the corners of a pallet. The DTH400 model incorporates adjustable legs which can be widened or narrowed in order to suit a range of pallets and sumps.

All models but the DTH400 come with two fixed front wheels and two rear swivel castors which are fitted with brakes for stable loading. The DTH400 has 4 castors 2 with brakes. The DTH350H and DTH400 have larger wheels which makes them suitable for rougher terrain.

Each model can lift either steel drums or both steel and poly drum types to a range of heights. The DTH350H has the highest maximum lifting height where the drum can be lifted to 1200mm. This and some other models can be used for loading and off loading from flatbed trucks and vans and so transporting drums to different locations is fairly simple.

To see all the technical details of each drum trolley please refer to the specification table in the tab above.

High Lift Drum Trolley DTH300 – 450 Series

More Drum Trolley Types

Whilst this series of high lift drum trolleys are great for vehicle loading this is not always necessary so a more standard height drum trolley may be more suitable and cost effective.

Here at Lifting Gear Direct we have a vast range of drum handling equipment including different drum trolley variations to suit a range of drum moving requirements. Drum rotators are another option to consider if you will need to empty your drums. Drum lifting grabs and forklift truck mountable drum handling equipment are other options. So consider how you wish to handle your drums then browse all the options.

Model DTH300 DTH350 DTH350H DTH400 DTH450
Drum Type Steel Steel Steel & Poly Steel Steel & Poly
Lifting Capacity 300kg 350kg 350kg 400kg 450kg
Max. Drum lift height 800mm 800mm 1200mm 1070mm 500mm
Leg Type Parallel Parallel 90 degree 'V' Parallel 90 degree 'V'
Weight 82kg 125kg 137kg 100kg 108kg
Dimensions H x W x D 1560 x 900 x 1080mm 1545 x 1146 x 1110mm 1860 x 870 x 1145mm 1810 x 720 to 1400 x 1100mm 1260 x 1090 x 855mm