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DT45 drum trolley serries

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DT45 Drum Trolley Series

DT45 Drum Trolley Series

The DT45 Series of drum trolleys can handle drums and barrels with between 100 and 210 litre capacities and weights up to 400kg. There are a few different ways to pick up and load the drum within this series of drum trucks.

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About the DT45 Drum Trolley Series

Lift, tilt and push your drum wherever you need it to go with one on the DT45 drum trolleys. Whether the drums are full or empty they provide a simple yet effective means of drum transportation with minimal manual effort.

As you can see from the images and the specification table each model is slightly different so your choice will depend on the way in which you wish to handle the drums. Each model can be used with both steel drums and poly drums and and they all incorporate 250mm solid rubber wheels apart from the DT45A which has 260mm pneumatic wheels. Moving the loaded trolleys over uneven terrain shouldn't pose too much of a problem

DT45 Drum Truck Model Choices

The DT45 incorporates a sliding clip on the trolley long upright section between the wheels and the handle. The clip has a handle at the rear to enable easy movement up and down to secure and release the drum. There are two resting plates which slide under the drum and once clipped on to secure it the drum can be tilted back by placing your foot on the kick stand and pulling back on the handle.

The DT45A is essentially the same as the standard DT45 but possesses pneumatic wheels and is suitable for all terrains given that they have some bounce and more grip tread unlike the solid rubber wheels. They may need blowing up periodically.

The DT45E is just like the DT45 but incorporates a rear castor which has a brake. This enables the drum to be held in a tilted position as it can rest on the rear wheel. The brake should always be applied if left in this position unattended.

The DT45C is slightly different to the DT45, 45A & 45E. It incorporates one longer drum support plate and can therefore be utilized for different sized drums or barrels. Instead of a sliding clip the DT45C has a load securing chain to hold the drum in place. The chain incorporated a plastic sleeve to offer protection to the drum. This model can be used for both steel drums and poly drums.

The DT45G and DT45GE are drum trolleys which have a pincer type grab to lock onto the top of the drum. These are semi-automatic as when the drum is pushed against the pincer grab it will automatically lock onto the rim of the drum. There is also a kick stand to enable extra leverage easily. The DT45GE model has 2 added rear castors offering more stability and allowing the drum to be kept in the tilted back position. Steel or poly drums can be used with these models.

Lastly we have the DT45U which is perhaps the simplest model in this range. It can handle a variety of drum sizes thanks to the larger holding plate and has 2 shaped steel supports built into the framework for the drums to rest against. This type of drum truck has no means to secure the drum like the other models the drum simply rests on so will need to be used with extra care.

               DT45 drum trolley series

More Drum Trolleys

Besides this DT45 drum trolley series we also supply other types of drum trucks. The PT45 range are heavy duty trolleys and there is also an excellent collection of drum tilter trolleys or drum rotator trucks. If you need to load and unload drums from pallets then we have drum trolleys for this too. Hydraulic drum trucks are another option which enable easier loading to various heights such as a flat bed truck.

Lifting Gear Direct has a great selection of drum handling equipment from forklift attachments to drum grabs and lifters; rotators to positioners. Whatever your drum handling needs are, we can help.

Model Brief Description Tyre Type Wheel Diameter Capacity Drum Type Weight
DT45 U Basic platform trolley solid rubber 250mm 400kg Steel & Poly 23 kg
DT45 C Universal platform trolley with security chain solid rubber 250mm 300kg Steel & Poly 14 kg
DT45 Sliding Clip to secure drum solid rubber 250mm 400kg Steel & Poly 18 kg
DT45 E same as DT45 but with rear castor and brake solid rubber 250/160mm 400kg Steel & Poly 20 kg
DT45 A same as DT45 but with pneumatic wheels for rough ground Pneumatic 260mm 400kg Steel & Poly 16 kg
DT45 G Pincer grab to secure drum solid rubber 250mm 400kg Steel & Poly 21 kg
DT45 GE Same as DT45G but with rear castors solid rubber 250/75mm 400kg Steel & Poly 24 kg