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Hydraulic drum truck DTP45

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Hydraulic Drum Truck DTP45

Hydraulic Drum Truck DTP45

This hydraulic drum truck DTP45 works like a standard pallet truck but has been adapted so that 210 litre steel drums can be easily picked up and moved around.

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About the Hydraulic Drum Truck DTP45

Made from quality steel with a powder coated finish the DTP45 drum truck uses a hydraulic system to grab the drum securely and lift the truck.

The truck has two fixed wheels and one castor for easy manoeuvrability. The truck can be pushed into position so that the drum rests inside the drum girdle. After pushing the selection lever on the handle down the handle can be pumped, this will close the girdle's outer flanges firmly around the drum, locking it into place. A final pump or two will raise the drum off the floor for transporting the drum.

To release the drum, simply raise the lever and the drum will slowly lower to the ground and release. The simple operation of this hydraulic drum trolley DTP45 enables a single person to pick up, move and set down a steel drum.

A further benefit to this drum handling device is that the handle can be removed to make it more compact for storage. The truck itself weight 53kg and can handle capacities up to 365kg. Dimensions of the truck are 1220mm high, 1050mm long and 740mm wide.

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Model DTP45
Drum Type steel
Drum Size 210 litre
Capacity 365kg
Dimensions 1220H x 1050L x 740W mm
weight 53kg