Manual drum rotator trolley dtlc45

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Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45

Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45

If you need to tilt or rotate a 210 litre drum as well as move it around then the manual drum rotator trolley DTLC45 model could be right up your street. Dispense the contents of your drum easily with this drum rotator truck.

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About the Manual Drum Rotator Trolley DTLC45

This simple yet very effective drum rotator trolley can be used with steel drums of the 210 litre size, and has a maximum load capacity of 365kg.

This trolley uses a manual cantilever design to lift the drum off the floor. The drum itself is held in position by a steel girdle and chain which ratchet clamps around the drum.

The trolley is easy to move around the workplace thanks to the two front wheels which position around the drum and a rear castor under the foot plate. Floor clearance is between 5 to 12 inches depending on the positioning of the drum. (vertical to horizontal)

The truck measurements are 940 x 885 x 1180mm.

Using the Manual Tilter Drum Trolley

This tilter truck can be operated by a single person extremely easily.

Simply push the trolley up to the drum until it is right between the front wheels, raise the handle to lower the girdle and ensure it is touching the rear of the drum. Next, fold the girdle edges around in front of the drum and fit the chain as snug as possible into the ratchet lever. Now turn the lever to pull the chain really tight against the drum to secure.

The handle can now be brought down to lift the drum clear of the floor. The drum will be in a vertical position so when you are ready to rotate it you will find a tilt position locking pin on either side of the girdle. Undo each side and manually rotate the drum until it is in the position you require then lock the pins again. The drum will now be held firmly in this position.

The drum can be rotated through the full 360 degrees and locked in any position with this drum trolley enabling complete emptying of its contents.

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