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Adjustable drum truck raptor de450

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Adjustable Drum truck Raptor DE450

Adjustable Drum truck Raptor DE450

This adjustable drum truck DE450 is perfect for transporting single drums, it is easy to handle by a single person and takes up much less space than some other drum trucks.
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Using the Drum Truck DE450

This simple piece of drum handling equipment can stand upright on its own thanks to the incorporated kick stand. There is a small cradle in-between the two robust, wheels which are 250mm in diameter and 50mm deep. These wheels make for smooth transportation and with a little lubrication every now and then will keep them running smoothly.

The drum grip or grab on this truck can be adjusted in height to enable it to handle different sized drums. 15, 30 and 50 gallon drums are easily fitted.

The jaw of the grab should be re-positioned so that it is about 10mm higher than the drum rim initially. Position the truck as close as possible to the drum;  Lower the upper jaw of the grab until it reaches the drum rim then place your foot on the truck kick stand and pull the lever to engage the lower jaw of the grab on the drum’s rim.

Next you can tilt the drum back towards yourself aided by your foot on the kick stand and both hands pulling back on the handlebars. The drum will seat into the lower cradle between the wheels to support is whilst being moved.

To remove the drum you simply ensure it is vertical and rested on the ground. Then you can release the jaws and pull the truck away.

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If this is not quite the right truck for you, then take a look at our full range of drum trucks where you will find solutions for handling drums in different ways. If you have a fork lift truck then one of our special fork lift truck mountable drum attachment may be just what you need. Under slung grabs and tongs are also available for lifting drums from a hoist or crane.

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Contacting the Lifting Gear Specialists

Whether you need to discuss your requirements, need some help or would like a quotation getting in touch with Lifting Gear Direct is easy, there are numerous options available.

Call 01384 76961 to speak to us; use the request a quote function for a price or use the rapid enquiry form or contact page to email us.

Model Capacity (Kgs) Lift Height Drum size Weight
DE450 450 N/A 30 or 55 gallon 26Kgs