Yale ctp integral travel trolley beam clamp

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Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp

Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp

The Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp offers an alternative to standard push or geared travel trollies and standard beam clamps.
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Key Features of the Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp

The CTP is suitable for fixing to any beam and the subsequent attachment of a hoist, pulley and/or load; this is due to the fact that the CTP integral travel trolley beam clamp is 2 in 1, a clamp and push trolley combined.

  • 5 models available with safe working load limits from 1000kg up to 3000kg.
  • Models available to suit various beam widths.
  • Galvanised, corrosion resistant snap-pin stops and spindle.
  • Easy to adjust to suit the beam by rotating the main spindle.
  • Additional locking lever for added safety.
  • Zinc plated threaded spindle and clevis for extra corrosion protection.

Fitting and using the CTP Beam Clamp & Trolley

This beam clamp with attached trolley is quite easy to attach to a beam. Firstly you need to open up the trolley clamp by turning the spindle counter clockwise. Next you should fit the trolley over the beam flanges, resting one side on a flange. Now turn the spindle clockwise to pull the trolley in until the wheels on the opposite side come to rest on the flange, once in the correct position you must lock in place by turning the locking lever on the spindle clockwise. The trolley clamp is now ready for use.

Always ensure the load is suspended on the central, thinner part of the supporting pin and that it hangs vertically. Side pulling is not permitted. Remember to check for faults prior to each use and ensure it moves smoothly across the beam. Test and inspect all lifting equipment on a regular basis to comply with LOLER regulations.

More Beam Attachments

There are many more beam attachments available from Lifting Gear Direct including standard beam clamps and a range of beam trolleys with prices that start from just over £43 for a basic push travel option. Geared travel trolleys and electric powered trolleys are also available, the choice is yours.

Contact the team should you require more info or advice. 01384 76961 is the number to call.

Model CTP 1-A CTP 2-A CTP 2-B CTP 3-A CTP 3-B
A,mm 82-109 106-155 136-191 128-171 150-212
D,mm 26 42 42 50 50
E,mm 22 20 20 22 22
H1,mm 20 24 24 30.5 30.5
I,mm 53 71.5 71.5 95.5 95.5
L,mm 160 260 260 310 310
L1,mm 75 130 130 150 150
M,mm M12 M18 M18 M24 M24
O,mm 46 60 60 80 80
P,mm 153 205 255 220 280
T,mm 105 139 189 155 215
tmax,mm  15 25 25 25 25

Yale CTP Integral Travel Trolley Beam Clamp dimensions

Model Capacity KG Beam flange width b mm  Curve radius min. m  Weight KG 
CTP 1-A 1000 60-150 0.6 2.5
CTP 2-A 2000 75-200 0.9 9.9
CTP 2-B 2000 200-300 0.9 10.3
CTP 3-A 3000 75-200 1.15 17.5
CTP 3-B 3000 200-320 1.15 19.5