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CPS 400/2-2 Electric Hoist

CPS 400/2-2 Electric Hoist

If you only need to lift loads weighing up to 250kg but you do not want to rely on any manual chain hoist or alternative system for this purpose, the CPS 400/2-2 electric hoist from Yale should be a winner.

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Inspiring abilities of the CPS 400/2-2 hoist

In keeping with what you would expect from the CPS hoist range as a whole, this model is built to a high standard and offers a plethora of perks, including a lifetime lubricated transmission, a smooth-operating alloy chain and a sealed chassis that should minimise the need for maintenance.

The 250kg load limit of this hoist is low compared with other ranges, yet the entire existence of the CPS range is justified by this. It can step in and take the strain while still being small and light enough to allow for easy transport and storage.

The 2 meters per minute lifting speed of the CPS 400/2-2 is not that quick but it should still suffice for the intended uses cases that this hoist will encounter.

Suitable assembly combinations

This kind of hoist will need to be paired with a suitable anchor point on a sturdy enough structure to keep it safe during operations.

Lifting Gear Direct makes gantry systems that are perfectly positioned to be combined with this machine, serving you well for on-site duties in many contexts.

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Rated Capacity 250 kg
A, mm 14
B, mm 103
C, mm 21
D, mm 22
E, mm 159
F, mm 98
G, mm 304
H, mm 53
J, mm 60
K, mm 89
L, mm 225
M, mm 150
N, mm 375

CPS 400/2-2 Dimensions

Model Capacity in kg Standard lifting height (m) ED duty            % Lifting speed m/min Weight (KG) Operating voltage 
CPS 400/2-2 250 3 40 2 14 400V/3Ph/50Hz