Yale cps electric hoist

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Yale CPS Electric Hoist

Yale CPS Electric Hoist

The Yale CPS electric hoist is the smallest electric hoist offered by Lifting Gear Direct, this compact little hoist has the smallest dimensions and lifting capacities with just 125kg and 250kg safe working loads to choose from.

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Yale CPS Electric Hoist System Design

The CPS electric hoist is probably the lightest on the market; with the 125kg model weighing in at a tiny 12kg it can be carried in one hand, this makes it extremely easy to move around and is perfect for lifting small to medium loads. The compact nature of the CPS hoist means it is easy to both install and maintain which in an added bonus.

The Yale CPS is an extremely reliable little hoist, having being manufactured to the very high standards. The M4 high duty rating means up to 240 motor start ups per hour.

Other Main Features of the Yale CPS Electric Hoist

The hooks on the CPS hoist are made from hardened steel and are finished with a safety catch; the top hook is fixed to help alleviate power cord entanglement, whilst the lower/bottom hook swivels through 360 degrees to alleviate inconvenient and dangerous chain twists.

The hoist uses only precision bearings and alloy load chains for smooth operation. The lifting wheel incorporates a 10 pocket oblique lay which allows constant chain speeds whilst reducing excessive wear to the chain.

CPS Electric Hoist Reliability & Safety Benefits

The gearbox is lifetime lubricated and the motor is thermally protected with the hoist offering a 5:1 safety factor. The brake system has an electro-magnetic pressure spring which ensures the load stays put, even if the power completely fails. A slip clutch provides the overload protection for extra peace of mind.

Because the working parts are totally enclosed, with no vent holes, all components are protected from contamination.

Offering direct control and thermal overload come as standard; with options for chain containers, trolley systems and stainless steel load chains.

The CPS electric hoist is easy to install, use and maintain with the quality and reliability you always get from Yale products. Need something with a little more lifting power? Take a look at our range of other Yale electric hoists or other top electric hoist manufacturers. We have a great selection of competitively priced lifting equipment. We also offer fully accredited inspection and repair services, with our team of expert engineers on hand to fix faults and carry out maintenance work on kit of all kinds. 


  • chain container 
  • festoon cable system 
  • stainless steel load chain

Ask Us Anything About a Yale Electric Hoisting System

There are a lot of things to consider when buying an electric hoisting system, so you might have a few questions before you commit to a purchase. We can help you out with all the details of the hoisting equipment you need, or give you a competitive quote for maintenance and repair work. Just call 01384 76961 or email us for a fast, friendly reply.

Model CPS 1-4 CPS 1-10 CPS 2-6 CPS 5-3
A, mm 276 276 276 146
B, mm 98 98 98 146
C, mm 159 159 159 159
D, mm 75 75 75 60
E, mm 76 76 76 91
F, mm 160 160 160 160
G, mm 227 227 227 227
H, mm 103 103 103 103
I, mm 52 52 52 52
J¹, mm 1905 1905 1905 1905
X, mm 25 25 25 25
Y, mm 14 14 14 14
Z, mm 21 21 21 21
Yale CPS electric hoist dimensions
Model Capacity in kg Standard lifting height (m) ED duty            % Lifting speed m/min Weight (KG) Operating voltage 
CPS 110.1-4 125 3 25 4 12 110V/1Ph/50Hz
CPS 230/1-4 125 3 25 4 12 230V/1Ph/50Hz
CPS 400/1-4 125 3 30 4 12 400V/3Ph/50Hz
CPS 400/1-10 125 3 30 10 12 400V/3Ph/50Hz
CPS 110/2-2 250 3 25 2 14 110V/1Ph/50Hz
CPS 230/2-2 250 3 25 2 14 230V/1Ph/50Hz
CPS 400/2-2 250 3 30 2 14 400V/3Ph/50Hz
CPS 400/2-5 250 3 30 5 14 400V/3Ph/50Hz