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CPS 400/1-4 Electric Hoist

CPS 400/1-4 Electric Hoist

There are a number of compact hoists which make up the Yale CPS range. This 125kg capacity model is noteworthy for its 400V operating voltage, as well as for the durable design features it shares with its stable mates.

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Portable power of the CPS 400/1-4

Although this electric hoist is designed for use in conjunction with a static structure, such as a gantry system, it is lightweight enough to carry by hand. The CPS 400/1-4 is 12kg in total and provides 125kg of load lugging capacity once it is safely installed.

Also worth bearing in mind are its specifications, which include a standard lifting speed of 4 metres per minute, a lifting height of 3 metres and its ability to work with optional extras such as a festoon cable system, a stainless steel load chain which should remain rust-free and a chain container to help streamline storage.

A huge array of hoists

Lifting Gear Direct is not just a supplier of Yale equipment; you can also find hoists from many other respected brands right here on our site.

Heavy duty, high capacity hoists from Kito are offered alongside competing alternatives from Liftket, along with many others. Seek and you shall find the ideal lifting gear to take on any task you might need to conquer.

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Rated Capacity 125 kg
A, mm 14
B, mm 103
C, mm 21
D, mm 22
E, mm 159
F, mm 98
G, mm 276
H, mm 53
J, mm 75
K, mm 76
L, mm 225
M, mm 150
N, mm 375

CPS 400/4-1 Dimensions

Model Capacity in kg Standard lifting height (m) ED duty            % Lifting speed m/min Weight (KG) Operating voltage 
CPS 400/1-4 125 3 40 4 12 400V/3Ph/50Hz