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Cps 1102 2 electric hoist

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CPS 110/2-2 Electric Hoist

CPS 110/2-2 Electric Hoist

The CPS 110/2-2 is a member of a larger line of CPS hoists made by well known brand Yale. It has the lowest operating voltage of any model in this range while still providing a 250kg load capacity along with plenty of other perks.

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Quick CPS 110 2-2 electric hoist summary

The quarter-tonne load limit is not especially high but in the context of this hoist range that is precisely the point. The modest specs mean that the CPS 110/2-2 only weighs 14kg as a unit, making it light enough to be portable while still packing a productive punch.

It shares the same 3 metre standard lifting height with the other CPS hoists, while offering a 2 metres per minute lifting speed to keep larger payloads stable and safe during lifting and lowering.

Each element of this hoist has been chosen because it brings something good to the table. From the sturdy safety hook to the enclosed hoist housing and the fully lubricated gearbox, you can be certain that this is a model which will still be working consistently after long stints of lifting.

Electric hoists aplenty

Electric hoists are not just intended for lighter lifting duties; they run the gamut from modest models like the CPS range right up to heavy duty examples in Yale’s own CPE/F family, where capacities peak at 10 tonnes.

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Rated Capacity 250 kg
A, mm 14
B, mm 103
C, mm 21
D, mm 22
E, mm 159
F, mm 98
G, mm 304
H, mm 53
J, mm 60
K, mm 89
L, mm 225
M, mm 150
N, mm 375

CPS 110/2-2 Dimensions

Model Capacity in kg Standard lifting height (m) ED duty            % Lifting speed m/min Weight (KG) Operating voltage 
CPS 110/2-2 250 3 40 2 14 110V/1Ph/50Hz