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CPS 400/1-10 Electric Hoist

CPS 400/1-10 Electric Hoist

One of the fastest load-lifting electric hoists in the Yale CPS range, the 400/1-10 shares the same 125kg capacity as its siblings but has a significantly quicker lifting speed of 10 metres per minute, as opposed to the standard 4 metres per minute seen elsewhere.

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Unwavering design of the Yale CPS

It may seem small and light, but the CPS 400/1-10 is every inch the hard-wearing hoist thanks to the way that Yale has put together its components.

From the hardened steel hooks to the electromagnetic braking system and the lifetime lubricated gearbox, each aspect is capable of surviving the rigours of persistent lifting operations.

The 125kg load limit is perfectly tuned to take on tasks which might be potentially dangerous if handled with manual lifting processes. Meanwhile the ability to specific extras, such as a stainless steel chain, means that ordering with Lifting Gear Direct is more flexible than you might think.

Additional hoist varieties

Electric hoists like this Yale CPS 400/1-10 are one of many different equipment options that LGD can supply.

Manual chain blocks and hoists strip away the electric motors of their powered counterparts and still manage to provide impressive load-handling power. Air hoists and lever hoists have their own design perks, with a diverse line up of brands represented right here.

Want help choosing a hoist?

Ring LGD on 01384 76961 to have a chat with an expert about your electric hoist options. Email our sales team for a swiftly sent reply to any question you have.

Rated Capacity 125 kg
A, mm 14
B, mm 103
C, mm 21
D, mm 22
E, mm 159
F, mm 98
G, mm 276
H, mm 53
J, mm 75
K, mm 76
L, mm 225
M, mm 150
N, mm 375

CPS 400/1-10 Dimensions

Model Capacity in kg Standard lifting height (m) ED duty            % Lifting speed m/min Weight (KG) Operating voltage 
CPS 400/1-10 125 3 40 10 12 400V/3Ph/50Hz