35mm ratchet lashing

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35mm Ratchet Lashing

35mm Ratchet Lashing

Ratchet lashings are a durable and reusable means of securing loads, with flat webbing measuring 35mm across to provide ample protection for goods and other unwieldy objects. Many other types of ratchet straps are available here at Lifting Gear Direct.

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About 35mm Wide Ratchet Lashings 

Stop loads shifting unnecessarily during transport or secure any number of objects together safely using ratchet lashings supplied by Lifting Gear Direct. With a width of 35mm, this example is comparatively narrow yet still surprisingly strong. 


This lashing comes with anchor points at either end, while only one end has a ratchet mechanism included. Once attached to suitable points, the ratchet can be activated to render the webbing taught. 

This 35mm wide ratchet lashing can offer a minimum breaking load of up to 2000kg and a rated assembly strength of 1000kg, showing that plenty of power can come in a small package. 


LGD has hundreds of different lifting equipment options to consider, with our load restraint range alone encompassing all sorts of convenient, cost-effective products. 

For example, we can supply load binders which operate with either lever or ratchet mechanisms. 

If you have a simpler setup in mind, or want a lashing type which is simply as versatile as possible, our array of custom made rope should contain something suitable. 

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