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75mm ratchet lashing

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75mm Ratchet Lashing

75mm Ratchet Lashing

The 75mm ratchet lashing is our largest and is ideal for securing larger loads. Buy the 75mm ratchet strap from Lifting Gear Direct today.

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About 75mm Ratchet Lashings

Currently the widest of our ratchet lashing line up, this example boasts a 10,000kg minimum breaking load as well as a rated assembly strength of 5000kg. If you have an especially large piece of cargo that you want to move safely, it could be your best option. 

Why use load restraints?

There are lots of reasons to take advantage of load restraints, whether you are transporting cargo or storing it in specific contexts. Aside from the obvious safety benefits, you also get the added bonus of keeping the cargo itself protected against accidental damage. 

75mm Ratchet Straps

In the case of this 75mm wide ratchet lashing, the design combines webbing with an anchor point and a ratchet mechanism which is used to tighten it once it is attached. 

The aforementioned performance specs mean that this lashing is a heavy duty example of the category as a whole. Of course if your load is larger, multiple ratchet lashings can be used. 

Are there other examples?

Lifting Gear Direct is home to a whole host of impressive equipment, including load restraints of the highest quality. 

Rope is a popular alternative to webbing or chain-based solutions. This is because it does not weigh as much, nor create as many complications for the person responsible for handling it. 

Load binders are more specialised than rope and lashings, yet when used correctly can be eminently convenient. 

How do I get in touch?

Let us know what you need by writing an email or dialling 01384 76961 to talk to a team member who will be able to help.