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Hydraulic Tables & Trolleys

Hydraulic Trolleys and tables are the best solution for the movement of heavy goods. Hydraulic trolleys can maneuver and transport any item at any height required for the job at hand. 

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A hydraulic trolley, often better known as a scissor lift table or lifting trolley is a great piece of lifting equipment. They have the ability to raise and lower heavy goods to the height required as well as transporting them. Offering a perfect material handling solution in many types of industries.

Warehouse and distribution operations all make good use of hydraulic tables. As do product assembly lines, machine feeding areas, manufacturing, publishing, inspections of equipment and off loading conveyors. They can also be used to transport goods around the workplace.

Why use a Hydraulic Table

There are numerous advantages to using a hydraulic table. First and foremost they help to protect from injury when handling heavy goods.

Secondly they provide a height adjustable, stable platform for the placement, inspection or repair of materials. Hydraulic trolleys are great for moving materials from one place to another such as on a production line. And also for loading and off-loading products.

How does a Hydraulic Table Work

A scissor lift table typically has four key components. The platform table, the base, the scissor legs and the hydraulic cylinders.

The base usually incorporates heavy duty castors for ease of transportation. It also provides the main stability of the table. The scissor legs stretch from the base to the table top and are re the hydraulic cylinders are attached. The flat platform or table top is where you place your goods.

There can be anywhere from 1 to 4 cylinders depending on the model. Without getting to technical, basically the cylinders create the forces required for raising the scissor table by transferring hydraulic fluid from one area to another, forcing the cylinder to be pushed out and raising the legs. Releasing the valve will return the fluid to its original area and therefore lower the table.

Hydraulic Lifting Trolleys Available

Lifting Gear Direct offer four standard hydraulic tables with safe working loads from 150 kg up to 1000 kg. All possess just one hydraulic cylinder. They are capable of lifting loads to varying heights with the maximum height of the top model being just shy of 1 metre.

The dimensions of the table/platform also vary between models with the largest having a working area of 1016x510mm.

Under the shop by brand pages you can find a number of scissor lift tables from ACE. These include some larger capacity models and models with higher lifts and larger tables.

Other Material Handling Solutions

We have a great choice of material handling products here at Lifting Gear Direct. Our collection includes load moving skates and pallet trucks. Perfect for moving those heavier loads around the work place. We also have a great range of drum handling solutions from drum trucks to drum lifters. Our forklift truck mountable section offers a multitude of ways to enhance your fork lift truck. Turning it into a type of mini crane to lift and load your heavy materials.

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If you have any questions regarding our hydraulic trolley then simply get in touch. Call us on 01384 76961 or email us via the rapid form or contact page. Our team are always ready to help.

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