Base mounted aluminium winch

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Base Mounted Aluminium Winch

Base Mounted Aluminium Winch

This base mounted option is a compact aluminium wire rope winch with capacities from 705kg up to 1120kg. Ideal for arduous operations.

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Features of the Base Mounted Winch:

At a glance

  • hardened worm shaft & self-locking worm gear
  • sealed gears for continuous lubrication and quiet operation.
  • Teflon coated bearings
  •  left and right-sided drum mounting
  • Free-wheel device.

In more detail

Because the design of this wire rope winch has an aluminium enclosed construction it is perfect for use in exposed environments.

This is a base mounted winch for bolting to the top of a suitable structure such as a trailer. Lifting and lowering loads is made easy with this simple to operate wire rope winch.

Consisting of worm gears with a hardened shaft and self-locking gear you can be assured of optimum safe operation. There is also a free-wheeling facility for ease of unwinding the wire rope when required.

There are two models of the base mounted winch on offer from Lifting Gear Direct, They have variable lifting capacities thanks to the 1st and upper layering of the rope, the maximum for the larger model is 1120kg, see table for full details.

 Other Winch Options

There are many more wire rope winches on offer from Lifting Gear Direct, check them out along with our wire rope and wire rope fittings to compliment your winch.

base mounted aluminium winch

MODEL  KAL 750 KAL 1120
A 165 165
B 168 168
C 170 170
Ø D 100 63
E 180 180
F 135 135
G 60 60
H 56 50
J 160 160
Ø K 13 13
L 85 85
Lifting capacity kg 300 300
Max. Wire rope capacity in 1 layer m 10 15
Wire rope Ø mm 6* 6*
Lift per crank rotation mm 50 50
Weight kg 30 36