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Gin Wheel

Gin Wheel

Use a gin wheel to make simple lifting tasks easier. We can supply the fibre rope in any length too.

Please note cost is for the gin wheel only. The rope can be purchased on the Gin Wheel Pulley Rope page.

  • £32.06

  • (£38.47 Inc. VAT)

Our gin wheels or rope pulleys are perfect lifting lighter loads up to 250kg and so ideal for builders due to them fitting  scaffold tube perfectly. Conveniently enough we also supply scaffold hoist and builders hoist products for heavier tasks. 

Gin Wheel Design benefits

There are lots of practical perks to consider when looking at our gin wheels. They have a 10 inch diameter wheel and a swivel oval eye. This makes attaching them to help with manual handling duties a breeze. 

Furthermore, full certification is supplied. Our gin wheels are proof loaded to 1000kg although you should still adhere to the safe load limit of 250kg to ensure that no unnecessary risks are being taken. 

Finally they can be used with any length of rope. If you already have a gin wheel and just need some replacement rope, we also make pulley rope with hand spliced fittings of your choice, which is yet another positive point to consider. 

More lifting gear options

As hinted at earlier, if a gin wheel pulley system which relies partly on manpower to operate it is not ideal for your needs, we have plenty of other products to consider. 

Check out our full electric hoist line up to see exactly what other models we stock, then browse our crane and gantry system range to pair your chosen hoist with a suitably sturdy assembly. 

Need help?

LGD’s specialist staff are ready and raring to assist you, whether you are ordering gin wheels or any other lifting equipment options we supply. Just call 01384 76961 or send an email from our contact page to get in touch.


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