Camlok 92 series plate clamp

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Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp

The 92 series by Camlok are used for lifting sheet materials in the vertical position. Order today or choose from our other plate lifting equipment products. 
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Created by Camlok and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, the 92 Series plate clamp range consists of four distinct models that can cope with capacities of between 0.5 and 3 tonnes. 

Overview of the Camlok 92 Series Plate Clamp 

·         Can lift and rotate through 180°. 

·         Complete with a safety lock. (92-500model has a spring-loaded cam) 

·         Easy to maintain and repair. 

·         Available in 4 models with lifting capacities from 500kg up to 3000kg. 

·         3 jaw sizes available, 16, 20 & 32mm. 

A Closer look

To determine whether the Camlok 92 Series plate clamp is the right option for you, it is worth considering all of the features and capabilities in detail. 

The chief design feature of this clamp range is that they are mainly aimed at assisting with lifting plates in a vertical orientation. Furthermore while they can be used individually, it is always worth using two clamps for lifting operations in order to bolster the stability and safety of proceedings. 

Load capacity is not the only thing to think about when using a 92 Series plate clamp to lift a load; you also need to examine the hardness of the material itself to see if this product is appropriate. The surface has to have a rated hardness which is lower than HRC 30. 


If you want to put the Camlok 92 Series plate clamp to use, you may need products that compliment its capabilities. 

Thankfully LGD can supply everything from chain slings and accessories to gantry systems and safety equipment. 

Need assistance?

You can get help with a plate clamp order or ask for more product information on any piece of equipment we stock by calling 01384 76961 or filling out our contact form right now.

Camlok 92 series Plate Clamp dimensions

Model  A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm F mm G mm H mm I mm 
92-500 99 195 29 33 47 50 48 11 15
92-1500 126 225 50 49 70 82 55 13 20
92-2000 192 312 80 75 96 100 81 20 24
92-3000 192 320 80 75 96 100 81 30 30
Model WLL (KG) Jaw (Z) capacity (mm) Weight (KG) 
92-500 50-500 0-16 1.5
92-1500 100-1500 0-20 3
92-2000 200-2000 0-32 8
92-3000 300-3000 0-32 12