Flat plate lifting dogs

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Flat plate lifting dogs

Flat plate lifting dogs

For all your plate lifting needs, Lifting Gear Direct is the place to buy from. Made to order plate lifting equipment.

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About Flat plate lifting dogs

We can provide Flat Plate Dogs for specialist lifting up to a 5 tonne load capacity. Manufactured to your needs taking into account pack / plate thickness. Usually sold in pairs our package includes rings, shackles and fitted chain hooks. Let us know if you have any special requests such as chain length or particular fitting, we are always happy to configure our products to your requirements when possible.

Like all our products, equipment is available in a painted Trafalgar blue finish and is marked with S/No and depicting the safe working capacity.

Other Plate Lifting Equipment

If our range of plate lifting dogs do not have anything to suit your needs then you should consider our other plate lifting equipment. We have plate lifting clamps for horizontal or vertical lifting as well as the popular lifting magnet. Our magnet lifters come in different forms; permanent, battery or hand grabs; all magnetic options have specific conditions in how they are to be used, in particular the condition of the steel to be lifted.

If you need some guidance to ensure you choose the best plate lifting product for your needs then simply call us on 01384 76961 or email us on the contact page or rapid enquiry form.