Round section plate lifting dogs

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Round Section Plate Lifting Dogs

Round Section Plate Lifting Dogs

Try our lifting dogs made from round section steel for lifting plate materials. get in touch with LGD today.

Call 01384 76961 for price.

About our Round Section Plate Lifting Dogs 

We supply Round section dogs that are expertly manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

Capable of lifting loads of up to 10 tonne these are the strongest of our plate lifting dogs.

Each product is painted and marked with SWL and S/No and come with a test certificate. 

Lifting chains and hooks will be required in order to use these dogs, they anchor around the top of the dogs with a suitable connector. We are happy to supply any chain and components you need to complete you plate lifting set up.

More Plate Lifting Solutions

If lifting dogs are not going to be suitable for your task then take a look at some of our other plate lifting solutions. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of plate lifting clamps for a variety of applications as well as a substantial collection of plate lifting magnets with permanent and battery powered options.
We also supply hoisting equipment, slings and shackles should you need them. Our bespoke cranes are made to order and could complete your lifting kit. Get in touch with your requirements today.