Hydraulic hand pump thpa

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Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A

Hydraulic Hand Pump THP/A

There are 4 models of this particular hydraulic hand pump. Buy today from LGD for the best prices.

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About Hydraulic Pumps

Unlike hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic hand pump will require a certain amount of physical exertion to operate. Their main function is to push the oil (hydraulic) in order to generate pressure, this pressure is used by the hydraulic cylinder to produce the forces. Pumps are a popular power source for hydraulic tools.

Each pump incorporates the usual components found on all hand pumps – pressure relief valves, finer adjustment relief valve wheel. The pumps in our range have reservoir capacities of between 280cc minimum up to 10000cc maximum and various high and low pressure ranges, see the specification table below for all the details.

Pumps Available

Lifting Gear Direct can offer four pumps to choose from; the THPA 1B has the smallest reservoir capacity at 800cc, the TPHA 1C has a capacity of 1600cc, whilst the larger two models have 2300cc and 3000cc respectively. The pressures, piston capacities, stroke length and unit weight all vary between the models, see below.

If you need other types of hydraulic equipment then check out our main hydraulics page. Here you will find various other products including hydraulic jacks and cylinders with respective hydraulic accessories. We also supply all types of lifting equipment to suit your lifting operation as well as repairing, testing and inspecting your equipment.

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Model Reservoir Capacity Volume Per Stroke (cc) Volume Per Stroke (cc) Piston Dia. (mm) Piston Dia. (mm) Piston Stroke Weight Quality of material Working Pressure
  (cc) High Pressure Low Pressure High Pressure Low Pressure (mm) (kg)   (kgf/cm2)
THPA-1C 1600 2 16.5 11 32 20.5 8 Aluminium 700
THPA-1B 800 2 13 11 28 20.5 4 Aluminium 700
THP-2B 2300 2.3 31 12 44 20.5 10.5 Aluminium 700
THP-3A 3000 2.3 31 12 44 20.5 12.5 Aluminium 700