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Jdn air hoist m series

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JDN Air Hoist M Series

JDN Air Hoist M Series

Buy the The JDN "M" series air hoist from Lifting Gear Direct to get the best deals.
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About the JDN Air Hoist M Series

The JDN "M" series air hoists are ideal for underground operations and many industrial areas with only 4 bar pressure.

This series of air powered hoists comes in a choice of models ranging from 1 tonne up to 6 tonne capacities.

They have all the main features of the Profi hoist range but with the 4 bar requirements.

They can be used in hazardous areas as they have explosion protection. Making them great in foundries, chemical plants, mining, oil, paint factories and more.

There are 2 falls of chain and are suited to horizontal pulling.

There are 2 control options for the M series; The DS controller is a two handed device which has a built in pressure regulator. It has an oiler to automatically stop oil flow when the hoist stops. There is a spring loaded hand lever which also serves as an emergency stop.

The PS controller is for single handed use. Push buttons actuate the control pistons of the motor and return to zero position automatically on release.. There is an integrated oiler for good lubrication.

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Many types of air hoists can be found on our website from leading manufacturers like JDN, Red Rooster and Yale. Lifting Gear Direct can also supply electric chain hoists and wire rope hoists as an alternative to air hoists. The power supply changes with these of course so will be entirely dependant on your needs and available power; compressed air or electric! We also have a good range of Atex rated equipment for hazardous areas.

Lifting slings and shackles for load securing and attachment are always available at low prices at Lifting Gear Direct. We can also manufacture many types of cranes, custom made to ensure they will meet your specific requirements.

Call us if you need more information or help on 01384 76961.

JDN Air Hoist M Series dimensions

    M 64 M 63 D
A1 (smallest headroom with 1/1 chain strands) mm 603 750
A2 (smallest headroom with 1/2 chain strands) mm 660 870
B1 (with 1/1 chain strands) mm 313 370
B2 (with 1/2 chain strands) mm 370 490
C mm 175 237
D mm 375 507
E1 (Hook opening) mm 30 40
E2 (Hook opening) mm 30 40
E3 (Hook opening) mm 30
F (biggest width) mm 144 195
Type   M 64 M 63 D
Air pressure bar 4
Carrying capacity t 1/1 1/2 3/3 3/6
Number of chain strands   1/1 1/2 1/1 1/2
Engine output kW 0,77 1,3
Lifting speed at full load m/min 3 3/1,5 2,2 2,2/1,1
Lifting speed without load m/min 8 8/4 5 5/2,5
Lowering speed at full load m/min 12,5 12,5/6,5 6 6/3
Air consumption at full load - lifting m³/min 1,0 2,2
Air consumption at full load - lowering m³/min 2,0 3,2
Air connection   Rd 32x1/8"
Hose dimension (Ø inside) mm 19
Weight with standard lift (3 m) and 2 m length of control kg 56 60 80 100
Weight without chain, without control kg 31 51
Chain dimension mm 9 x 27 13 x 36
Weight of 1 m chain kg 1,8 3,8
Standard lift m 5 5/2,5 5 5/2,5
Lenght of control at standard lift m 2
Sound level at full load with standard silencer1 dB(A) 75 - 84 79 - 83