Jdn mini air hoist

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JDN Mini Air Hoist

JDN Mini Air Hoist

The JDN Mini Air Hoist has a manipulator option making it ideal for workbench and production line tasks.
  • Brand:: J-D-NEUHAUS
  • Product Code: JDN-Mini-Air-Hoist
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About the JDN Mini Air Hoist  

The Mini series of air hoists by J.D.Neuhaus is ideal for most light-medium lifting applications. This is probably the smallest air hoist on the market and needs 6 bar air pressure. It was designed with the input from many customers with what they wanted from a hoist like this. The result is great.

A mini manipulator may also be added to enable easy operation and movement with one hand. Perfect for maximising productivity and tool handling.

Lifting heights available up to 8 metres.

Lifting Capacities from 125kg up to 980kg.

Key Features of the Mini Air Hoist

  • New innovative design
  • Easy maintenance
  • high speeds
  • sensitive control
  • custom configuration options
  • longer lifetime
  • more safety
  • service app for instructions.
  • exceptionally smooth operation.

View the specifications in the tab above to see all the technical details including the great lifting speeds.

Additional Hoisting & Equipment Options

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of air hoists from leading manufacturers from J D Neuhaus to Red Rooster and Yale. There are numerous options across the model range so there should be something suitable for your needs. We can also supply other types of hoisting equipment such as electric hoists, if air hoists are not going to be suitable. Supplementary lifting gear is also readily available in order to complete you lifting application. Slings, shackles, clamps and cranes are easy to order at LGD. Call us today with your requirements on 01384 76961.

JDN Mini Air Hoist dimensions

  Mini 125 Mini 250 Mini 500 Mini 1000
A mm 328 328 458 458
B mm 232 232 316 316
C mm 367 367 505 505
D mm 92 92 122 122
E mm 213 213 292 292
F mm 109 109 148 148
G mm 104 104 144 144
H mm 177 177 234 234
J mm 148 148 194 194
K mm 83 83 119 119
L mm 29 29 40 40
M mm 19 19 28 28



Type LN250 LN1000  
A mm 79 79 Mini air hoist dimensions
D mm 17 17
D1 mm 25 30
D2 mm 30 35
H1 mm 30 25
I mm 67.5 81.5
L mm 260 260
L1 mm 130 130
O mm 55 68
T mm  144 151
Type Mini 125Mini 250Mini 500Mini 1000
Air pressurebar6
Carrying capacitykg125250500980
Number of chain strands 1
Engine outputkW0,41,0
Lifting speed at full load1m/min158105
Lifting speed without load1m/min402010
Lowering speed at full loadm/min30161810
Lowering speed without loadm/min24126
Air consumption at full load - liftingm³/min0,51,2
Air consumption at full load - loweringm³/min0,71,6
Air connection G 3/8G ½
Hose dimension (Ø inside)mm913
Weight at 3 m standard lift / 2 m control lengthkg9,510,52123
Chain dimensionmm4 x 127 x 21
Weight of 1 m chainkg0,351,0
Height of liftsm03/05/2008
Length of controlm02/04/2006
Sound level at full load - lifting2dB(A)7977
Sound level at full load - lowering2dB(A)8083


Capacity (KG)2501000
Beam flange width b (mm)50-22058-220
Max. Flange thickness t (mm)3430
Min. Curve radius (m)0.91
Weight (KG) 7.710.5