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Tool Handling Equipment

Tool handling equipment comes in a variety of forms. Lifting Gear Direct offers spring balancers, electric tool handling hoists, and air powered tool hoists. All equally capable of taking the strain out of handling your tools when in constant use whilst freeing up your workspace.

Yale YBF Spring Balancer Yale YBF Spring Balancer

Yale YBF Spring Balancer


A spring balancer or tool balancer is a very specific piece of tool handling equ..

Demag DCM-Pro Manulift Hoist


 Sometimes a helping hand is needed, especially in the case of heavier item..

Kito ED Electric Hoist


These hoists are available in a range of models which include single speed model..

Red Rooster Bench Handling hoist TMM-140A


Key Elements of the Red Rooster Bench Handling hoist TMM-140A one handed..

JDN Mini Air Hoist


About the JDN Mini Air Hoist   The Mini series of air hoists by ..

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Benefits of using a spring balancer

The weight of hand tools can be problematic for those who use them continuously whether it's a welding gun, jig, riveting tool, or hydraulic wrench. Repetitive strain and other muscular issues can quickly arise when using weighty tools repetitively. This is where the spring balancer comes in handy.

Minimising muscle fatigue whilst elevating work output and efficiency are the biggest benefits of using a spring balancer.

Spring balancers are ideal for suspending tools in assembly lines such as jigs and welding guns. They help to keep your work station clutter free whilst minimising the fatigue which comes with constant and repetitive work. The balancer will eliminate the weight of the attached tool by applying the right amount of tension. Efficiency and productivity is improved and maintained thanks to it keeping the tool attached in a constant position enabling better accuracy. Tools can be changed easily with the set position remaining the same until manually changed.

Using a tool balancer also offers protection to the tool itself as won't be dropped quite as easily as if you were just manually handling it unattached. Dropping your tools can cause unrepairable damage and could be costly, use a spring balancer to minimise this risk.

No power supply is required to operate a spring balancer and therefore makes the working environment safer.

Retracting forces will increase with additional cable extension which allows the tool to be retracted to its original position after use if it has been extended further. Retraction forces are gradual and smooth, whilst tools can be moved up or down with minimal effort. The effort required will be dependant on the spring adjustment tension you set the balancer too.

Electric Tool Handling Hoists

Electric powered hoists for tool handling offer a different set of features to a spring balancer. Obviously, they will require an electricity supply but can make lighter work of production line tasks. What's more, they can be used single handedly thus making it a very flexible piece of equipment

Lifting Gear Direct also has a couple of tool handling hoists which are electrically powered and are perfect for bench work. We offer the Demag DCM-Pro Manulift hoist which also boasts a range of specific tool handling options to choose from and has capacity options up to 250kg. The Kito ED electric hoist comes with tool handling functionality, it's more compact and lighter in weight and has a maximum capacity of 480kg. Both are available at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct.

Air Powered Tool Handling Hoists

For an alternative option to an electric tool handler or a spring balancer, you may choose an air hoist with a tool handling option. We have two choices for you in this category, the Red Rooster bench handling hoist and the JDN Mini air hoist.

The Red Rooster model has a working load limit of 140kg and needs a 6 bar operating airpower to work. It can lift up to 11 meters per minute when fully loaded too.

The JDN mini air hoist has a mini tool manipulator option to make light work of bench jobs.

For help, quotes, or more info just give us a call on 01384 76961 or send us an email with your details and enquiry.

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