Jdn profi 1 5ti 3ti2 air hoists

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JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoists

JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoists

Buy this highly sensitive air hoist from LGD today for the keenest prices.
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About the JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoist

J.D.Neuhaus PROFI Air hoists in SWL from 1.6t - 3.2t and uses 4-6 bar air pressure.

Available with 1 or 2 falls of chain. They have a 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycles.

Explosion protection as standard so can be used in hazardous areas. 

4 different control systems available to suit your requirements (sensitive; single speed; multi function or rope control) Radio control also available.

Both models have decent lifting speeds when loaded with the 1.5ti lifting at 4-6 m/min and the 3ti at 2-3m/min. Speeds when unloaded are significantly quicker. See the specification chart for all the technical details.

These hoists can be run oil free with the use of the high performance grease. A fitted filter silencer reduces the noise output to under 80dB(A). A limit switch is included as standard.

Other options to choose from include chain box or bag; hooks in copper plate, stainless or standard steel; standard paint finish or offshore paint system; trolley choice of manual, motor or reel chain.

Where are the Profi Air Hoists Used?

The Profi series of air hoists by JDN  are proven to excel in use in numerous industries, especially where safety is a top priority. They are typically used in aircraft construction, dairies, chemical factories, foundries, pyrotechnics, electro-plating, oil, auto industries, power plants, off-shore & marine and many more.

Getting in touch

Should you have any questions, need a quote for this or multiple items of lifting equipment then give our team a call on 0184 76961. We can supply supplementary equipment to complete your lifting operation, from lifting slings and shackles to cranes, all tailor made to order.

JDN Profi 1.5TI - 3TI/2 Air Hoists dimensions

Type 1.5TI 3TI/2
A min. headroom? mm 480 544
B mm 293 356
C mm 200 200
D mm 412 412
E1 mm 28 28
E2 mm 26 28
F up to hook centre mm 170 140
G maximum width mm 215 215
?chain containers increase the hoist headroom
Type   1.5TI 3TI/2
Air pressure bar 4-6 4-6
Carrying capacity t 1.6 3.2
Number of chain strands   1 2
Engine output kW 1.3-2
Lifting speed at full load m/min 4-6 2-3
Lifting speed without load m/min 8.4-10 4.2-5
Lowering speed at full load m/min 11-12 5.5-6
Air consumption at full load - lifting m³/min 1.5-2.6
Air consumption at full load - lowering m³/min 2.2-3.6
Air connection   G 3/4
Hose dimension (Ø inside) mm 19
Weight at standard, rope control kg 56 66
Chain dimension mm 9x27
Weight of 1 m chain kg 1.8
Standard lift m 3
Length of control at standard lift m 2
Sound level at full load - lifting1 dB(A) 73-77
Sound level at full load - lowering1   78-80