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Yale CPA Air Hoist

Yale CPA Air Hoist

With a range of lifting capacity and trolley options the Yale CPA Air Hoist could be the perfect lifting hoist for you.
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Features of the Yale CPA Air Hoist

The Yale CPA Air Hoist comes in lifting capacities from 125kg up to 980kg. Thee is a heavy duty version available which has lifting capacities of up to 10000kg.

Robust and lightweight for easier transportation with great durability.

Upper and lower limit switches and emergency stop .

Air release brake as standard on CPA-2-31; CPA 5-17 & CPA 10-9.

This pneumatic air hoist operates on 5-7 bar pressures.

The rotating piston motor enables unlimited starts and with a 100% duty rating it is ideal for continuous operation.

The CPA mini incorporates a self adjusting automatic disc brake and with sensitive controls you can precisely position your load.

You must ensure the air supply is filtered and oiled for faultless operation.

Other options include chain containers, manual or powered trolleys, pneumatic trolleys chain controls and Atex rated available on some models.

The Yale CPA mini air hoist can be and is used in many industries including, but not limited to; aircraft, shipyards, off-shore, oil, galvanising plants, paint factories, food industries, paper mills, glass and ceramics and many more.

More Air Hoists & other Hoist Options

Lifting Gear Direct can supply air hoists from other manufacturers such as Red Rooster and JDN (J.D Neuhaus). There are compact models with tool handling options which are great for bench work, high speed air hoists and very heavy duty models with working load limits up to 100 tonne and many models in between so you have a great collection to choose from.

If you haven't got access to an air supply then you would be better with an electric powered hoist. Our range is extensive with models from all the top brand names all at the best prices around. Whats more we also repair, test, inspect and maintain all types of electric hoists.

So whatever your hoisting needs are give us a call on 01384 76961, We can nearly always help.

Yale CPA Air Hoist dimensions

  CPA 1-13 CPA 2-10 CPA ATEX 2-31  CPA 5-5 CPA ATEX 5-17 CPA 10-9
A (mm) 292 292 457 324 457 457
A1 (mm) 410 410 483 410 483 508
B (mm) 21 21 25 14 25 27
C (mm) 20 20 24 24 24 28
D (mm) 16 16 26 14 26 28
F1 (mm) 90 90 130 90 130 130
F2 (mm) 120 120 180 120 180 180
K (mm) 103 103 146 103 146 165
L (mm) 57 57 102 57 102 83
M (mm) 120 120 114 120 114 135
N (mm)   50 54 50 54 25
Q1 (mm)   142 162 142 162 162
Q2 (mm)   183 181 183 181 181
ModelCPA 2-10 Pneumatic chain hoistCPA 1-13 Air chain hoistCPA ATEX 2-31 250kg/1 3m HOL Basic w.PCCPA 5-5 Pneumatic Chain HoistCPA ATEX 5-17 500kg/1 3m HOL Basic w.PCCPA 10-9 Pneumatic Chain Hoist
Description250/1 kg 3m HOL125/1kg 3m HOLII 3 GD c IIB T4500/2kg 3m HOLII 3 GD c IIB T41000/2kg 3m HOL
Number of chain falls111212
Capacity top layer by nominal load (m/min)9.813.1314.616.88.5
Lifting speed without load (m/min)17.117.1527.932.316.2
Lowering speed with rated load (m/min)13.711.3366.729.614.9
Motor power, (kW)0,40,41,330,41,331,33
Air consumption at nominal load (m3/min)
Capacity (kg)250125250500500980
Weight at 3 m stroke15.415.421.817.221.827.7