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Double drum grab raptor dg20

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Double Drum Grab Raptor DG20

Double Drum Grab Raptor DG20

The DG20 is a double version of the DG10 drum grab; it can handle two drums at a time without leaving the seat of the fork lift truck.
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About the DG20 double fork lift drum grab

The DG20 is easy to fit to the tines of a fork lift truck; firstly position the fork lift attachment on the ground and ensure the retaining screws are fully open so the forks can enter unhindered.

The truck can be driven straight into the special fork pockets and when fully inserted they are secured by tightening the ‘T’ screw bolts. It is recommended that you check these screw clamps at regular intervals to ensure they are still tight and will not slip off the forks.

As an extra precaution you could attach a breakaway type chain or cable from the attachment to the truck so in the unlikely event the bolts become loose the DG20 will not be able to slide off the forks.

To lift two drums you need to ensure they are of a similar weight for stability when in motion. The drums need to be placed closely together, actually touching each other is best.

The truck can then drive up to the drums where the DG20 jaws will automatically open and close around the drum on contact. You should make sure the position is correct which should be under the top rolling loop of a steel drum.

To release the drums all you need to do is lower them to the ground and reverse the truck away whilst slowly lowering the forks, the attachment will automatically release.

These types of drum handlers rely on the weight of the drum for a firm grip so they should not be used with empty drums.

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Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DG20 682 Steel 210 Litre (55 Gallon) 90Kgs