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Gator grip double drum grab raptor dg720a

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Gator Grip Double Drum Grab Raptor DG720a

Gator Grip Double Drum Grab Raptor DG720a

The DG720A drum grab is from Raptor. It is a fork lift mounted attachment which can handle 2 drums at a time. If you just need to handle 1 drum at a time in this way then look at the DG360A drum grab.
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About the Fork Lift Double Gator Grip Drum Grab

The automatic gator grab mechanism on the DG720A grips onto the top rim of 55 gallon plastic / poly drums whilst offering steadying support from a bottom girdle.

To fit to your forklift truck, simply position the drum attachment on the ground in line with the truck’s forks. Make sure that the securing screw bolts are opened up to the max, otherwise the forks will not go into the pockets. Drive the truck slowly into the sizeable pockets as far as possible, then secure to the forks by hand tightening the screw in bolts. There is an eye bolt located centrally on the frame of the attachment which may be utilised to attach a breakaway type cable or chain for additional safety, though this should not be necessary, especially if the retaining bolts are checked and re-tightened if needed on a regular basis.

The DG720A incorporates an adjustable gator style grip specifically for poly drums (another model may be available for steel drums DG720B). The complete mechanism can be removed and re-positioned easily be changing the location of the two pins.  Once the grip connects to the drum rim and the drum is lifted it will grab securely until the weight of the drum is taken off it by lowering to the floor, then it will release the drum.

When lifting two drums together you should ensure they are of a similar weight to maintain good stability, and don’t leave the drums in the air for long periods.

Other Types of Drum Lifting Equipment

There are many solutions available for drum handling applications so it is wise to browse thoroughly through all products so you can make an informed choice; choosing equipment to suit your particular task is key to its all round effectiveness.

Tongs, grabs and trucks are just some types of drum handling solutions available on our website; other products can lift, rotate or transport different types of drums. The choice is extensive, so if you would like a little help to choose then give us a call on 01384 76961 or drop us an email via the contact page or rapid enquiry form.

Remember that as with all types of lifting and handling equipment there are certain regulations to follow in order that they remain safe to use. LOLER is a good starting point for more information as is the HSE. Always required with this type of equipment is a yearly thorough inspection by a qualified person who will check your equipment meets requirements and issue up to date certification for you files.

Model Capacity (Kgs) Dimensions To Suit Drum Dimensions Drum Size Weight
DG720A 455 Poly Drums 2 x 30 or 55 Gallon 96Kgs