Delta dy chain block

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Delta DY Chain Block

Delta DY Chain Block

Our range of manual chain hoists include one of our best selling products the Delta DY Chain Block. The Delta manual chain block range includes a number of different lifting capacities which range from the smallest at 0.5 tonne to the largest hand chain block at 5 tonne which should cover the majority of everyday lifting tasks. Standard heights of lift available to order are 3 or 6 metres.

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About the Delta DY Chain Block

Designed for vertical lifting you should ensure that the chain block is anchored directly above the load so that there is no pulling. Always follow the manufacturers instructions. As with all lifting operations you must ensure the structure that the chain block is fitted to can handle the weight and forces applied by load lifting.

This product is a cost effective manual hoisting device with a limited one year warranty and comes with a test certificate and declaration of conformity which includes the model serial number for your records and tracking purposes. Complies to the machinery directive 2006/42/EC.

These robust manual chain blocks have been proof loaded so you can be assured of a rugged hoist. They can be operated in a wide range of temperatures from minus 10 degrees to plus 60 degrees C. The Delta chain block comes ready to use straight out of the box though it is recommended to lightly oil the chain. The Delta Yellow manual hoist is ideal for a wide range of lifting applications such as heavy industrial use or workshop operations.

Technical Aspects of the Delta DY Manual Chain Hoist

  • The high strength double casing offers great protection from dust and water ingress whilst the robust housing ensures protection from external shocks, protecting the bearing alignment and to keep them functioning even in extreme conditions,

  • The top hook and the load hook are drop forged and incorporate quality cast safety latches to ensure the hoist and load remains safe.They can swivel the full 360 degrees for easy attachment. If the hooks are overloaded they will open up gradually as a safety indicator, which is why the measurement points need to be checked prior to use as stated in the section below.

  • Both the load chain and the hand chain are galvanised for good protection (EN818-7-T)

  • Smooth operation is provided thanks to the precision machined chain sprocket, gears and shafts.

  • High quality bearings support the transmission for optimal operation.

  • For optimumsafety there is an automatic load brake which incorporates twin friction discs and pawls.

The Delta DY hand chain block has a single chain fall on models up to 2 tonne modelwith the 3 and 5 tonne model having 2 falls of chain. There is no overload protection offered on the DY but you can find all the other technical specifications including the hoists dimensions in the specifications table above.

Using the Delta Yellow Block and Tackle

Using the Delta yellow block and tackle is really quite easy thanks to the smooth running components. You should remember that the hoist should be checked over before every use for defects which may result in lift failure. Check all parts such as both hooks for wear and tear, and both the chains for link distortions, cracks and stretched links. This procedure applies to all hoisting devices and test lifts are always recommended to ensure the load is secure, balanced and the brake holds firm.

Maintenance is minimal, keep the hoist clean and well lubricated; don’t forget to get it thoroughly inspected at regular intervals by a competent person. Lifting Gear Direct can arrange this for you, all inspections are carried out by our own skilled engineers and certification is issued on completion.

Spare parts are available and are relatively straight forward to fit by a competent person however it is wise to get an experienced engineer to do this given the type of work it will be used for. LGD offers repairs and maintenance alongside our inspection services.

Accompanying Lifting Equipment

Lifting Gear Direct has everything you need to complete your lifting operation. You may need a lifting sling and some lifting shackles for strong connections, or perhaps you need a lifting clamp for handling specific loads; We can also tailor make a jib crane or mobile A-frame gantry system to suspend your chain block from should you require it. Check out our full range of lifting equipment where we cover all commonly used equipment in any trade area. If you can’t find what you are looking for then just ask, we can nearly always help with your lifting solutions. Call us now on 01384 76961 for the LGD Delta DY chain hoist or anything else from the Delta lifting gear collection

Model Lifting Capacity Chain Falls Load Chain Diameter (mm) Test Load (kN) Effort for MAX. Load N(kg) Weight 3-mtr HOL (KG) Extra Chain Weight per meter (kg)
DY0.5 500kg 1 6 6.1 200(20.5) 9.2 1.5
DY1.0 1000kg 1 6 12.3 320(32.5) 12.2 1.8
DY2.0 2000kg 1 8 24.5 365(33.5) 18.5 2.4
DY3.0 3000kg 2 8 36.8 385(39) 22.7 3.1
DY5.0 5000kg 2 10 61.1 435(44.3) 36.9 4.6

Model A B C D E
DY0.5 138 137 270 35 28
DY1.0 147 162 317 36 26
DY1.5 170 183 399 45 33
DY2.0 170 194 414 43 32
DY3.0 170 220 465 50 37
DY5.0 190 288 618 64 46
delta DY chain block dimensions