Raptor mh chain block

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Raptor MH Chain Block

Raptor MH Chain Block

The Heavy duty Raptor MH chain block meets all necessary standards. It is available with load capacities of between 500kg and 20 tonnes, making it surprisingly versatile in spite of its modest proportions.
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This hoist can handle safe lifting duties quickly and efficiently, and is just one of the manual chain hoists available from LGD

Raptor MH Chain Block Main Features

  • Compact in design
  • Disc brake system
  • Alloy load chain 

All of these capabilities are desirable when looking for a heavy duty chain block. The Raptor MH manual chain hoist delivers form along with functionality, since its key components are housed within a space-saving chassis that is also simple to maintain and innately durable. 

Different numbers of chain falls are used according to the load capacity that the chain block offers. Incremental increases mean that there are one, two, three, five and 10 tonne units sitting below the flagship 20 tonne hoist. 

Which Chain Block to Choose?

The Raptor MH model you pick needs to offer a high enough safe working load limit to help complete the lifting tasks you have at hand. Preventing accidents is obviously important, which is why the act of choosing a chain block is not something to be rushed. 

The MH range is something of a solid all-rounder, but it does not offer the kinds of specialist features that certain buyers might be looking for in a hoist. For example, if you need models with corrosion-resistant coatings, Yale has a lot of options to offer. If even the 500kg load capacity of the smallest Raptor MH is a little too high, then the more compact Kito CX might be a worthy alternative. 

Raptor itself has a broad range of well built lifting gear on offer, so you do not even need to stick with a manual chain hoist if it does not fit in with the applications that you need to tackle in your business. 

Ask About our Raptor Chain Blocks

Still have a question about the equipment we sell? We can answer it today when you call 01384 76961 or stop off at the contact page to send an email to LGD. As well as giving you the low down on the specs of our Raptor chain blocks, we can quote you for any of our products and services. For friendly service and transparent pricing, our site is the place to shop for lifting gear.

Capacity (tons) Standard lift (m) Running test load (kn)  Effort required to lift max. Load (N)  No. Of columns of load chain Load chain diameter (mm) A B C D K Net weight (KG) Packing measurement (cm) Extra weight per meter extra lift (KG)
0.5 2.5 7.5 231 1 6 131 127 270 35 30 10 22x15x19.5 1.7
1 2.5 15 309 1 6 140 158 317 35.5 28 12 23x18x19.5 1.7
1.5 2.5 22.5 320 1 8 161 174 399 45 36 19 28x18x19.5 2.3
2 3 30 360 1 8 161 187 414 42.5 33.5 20 28x21x24 2.3
3 3 45 340 2 8 161 199 465 50 40 27 32x21x26 3.7
5 3 75 414 2 10 186 253 636 64 50 45.5 40x21x31 5.6
10 3 150 414 4 10 207 398 798 85 64 83 50x41x21 9.7
20 3 300 414x2 8 10 215 650 890 110 85 193 64x38x64 19.4

Raptor MH chain block dimensions

ModelCapacity KgsHOL(ml)weight
MH05/35003m single Fall10Kgs
MH05/65006m Single Fall16kgs
MH10/31,0003m Single Fall12kgs
MH10/61,0006m Single Fall17kgs
MH15/31,5003m Single Fall19kgs
MH20/32,0003m Single Fall20kgs
MH20/62,0006m Single Fall27kgs
MH30/33,0003m Double Fall27kgs
MH30/63,0006m Double Fall38Kgs
MH50/35,0003m Double Fall46kgs
MH50/35,0006m Double Fall63kgs
MH100/310,0003m Four Fall83kgs
MH100/610,0006m Four Fall113kgs
MH200/620,0006m Eight Fall251kgs