He 200 veloce scaffold winch

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HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch

HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch

The HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch is from the TEA L Europea hoist range and is an ideal hoisting system for lifting and lowering materials and tools on construction projects.
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HE 200 Veloce Scaffold Winch Features

Just like the HE 150 Veloce this is a tried and trusted electric hoist / winch used by many construction workers to make load handling much easier, quicker and safer.

The HE 200 Veloce is now available in a 110v model with an option of a 220v model on request giving you another option which may suit your lifting task more appropriately.

The Veloce scaffold winch has a simplistic design which makes it easy to set up and use. One of its main features is the telescopic frame which extends out further than a standard scaffold hoist. The main benefit to this feature is that it enables the hoist to reach out over the side of a building much further, which is beneficial when lifting and lowering large bulky loads or perhaps more delicate loads which you do not want hitting the side of the structure as it is in motion.

Capable of lifting up to 200 kg the HE 200 Veloce builders hoist can handle a good range of loads, whether it is tools or building materials. The strong 4mm steel wire rope enables lifting to heights up to 40 metres at speeds of up to 39 metres per minute, this is pretty fast for any electric hoist!

Scaffold Hoist Accessories

Accessories can add an extra dimension to the way you use your scaffold hoist, for example why carry bricks in an old fashioned brick hod when you can quickly transport your bricks in a special brick basket attached to the scaffold hoist. Simpler, quicker and much safer!

Take a look at our wide range of scaffold hoist accessories, there are some great innovative products to enhance your hoist and speed up your construction project in the process.

Questions and Ordering

The team at Lifting Gear Direct will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this or any other hoist from our lifting equipment range. You can speak to us on 01384 76961 or email us via the rapid enquiry form or contacts page.

ModelHE 200 Veloce
Power SupplySingle Phase
Motor Power1350w
Maximum Capacity200kg
Working Length40m
Lifting Speed39m/min
Rope Diameter4mm
Hoist Weight39kg