Hg 200 builders scaffold hoist

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HG 200 Builders Scaffold Hoist

HG 200 Builders Scaffold Hoist

This particular builders scaffold hoist works a little bit differently to a standard scaffold hoist as in that it is surface mounted rather than being attached to the scaffolding. It can handle loads weighing up to 200 kg.

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HG 200 Scaffold Hoist Features & Benefits

The HG 200 electric hoist sits on the ground and uses a frame attached to a scaffold pole for the transmission support above the load. With the unit possessing  100 metres of wire rope cabling many heights of lift are possible up to the maximum 100m, however as this hoist is really designed for ground use the standard HOL will be 50 metres if used as intended.

That said it would be possible to lengthen this height of lift if you were to carry the main hoist unit up to a higher level. This would be heavy and cumbersome as it weighs 53kg. This was the key reason for creating these electric hoists for builders. Most standard scaffold hoists can be awkward and heavy to take up to the top of a scaffold tower, with the HG200 builder’s hoist only the frame attachment needs to be transported making it lighter, easier and quicker to set up.

This hoist is available in both 230v and now 110v versions. The HG 200 (230v model only) is also available with an inverter which enables variable lifting speeds; this specification could provide better precision and placement of the load.

Other Accessories for the HG200 Builders Scaffold Hoist

Lifting Gear Direct has a large range of accessories for scaffold hoists and gantry hoists that help with the handling of tools and building materials. Many of the accessories can be used with this particular hoist including buckets and bucket carriers, scaffold clamps, wheel barrow slings and much more.

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ModelHG 200
Power SupplySingle Phase
Tension220v / 110v
Frequency50 Hz
Motor Power900w
Maximum Capacity200kg
Working Length50m
Lifting SpeedVer.base 23 - Ver. Inverter 7-13-20-33-45 m/min
Rope Diameter5mm
Hoist Weight53kg
Inverter model not available in 110v