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Copyright Statement | Privacy Notice | Lifting Gear Direct

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Copyright - Lifting Gear Direct

 The Lifting Gear Direct website is not only a marketplace for lifting gear but also a hub of information on the products that we manufacture and supply. We also provide news about the industry and content created by us, for you.

We ensure that we spend as much time as possible creating unique and useful content relating to the lifting gear industry, and so have placed a copyright on this content so that it remains the sole property of Lifting Gear Direct.  

Below we have listed out our copyright statement clearly so that any visitors are aware of exactly what we consider copyright. We will assume that any users of our website have both read and understood the following copyright statement.

Please carefully read Lifting Gear Direct’s copyright statement below

Lifting Gear Direct copyright ownership

Unless it has been accredited to another party or stated otherwise, Lifting Gear Direct are the sole owners of copyright of and any contents that are on the website. This includes any text, audio, images, video clips and photos. Again, where credit is due to another third party, we have made this clear. 
Lifting Gear Direct asks that none of the content listed above is used for commercial purposes, whether it is full or partial re-use or any modifications or adaptions of the content that we have produced.  

Using Lifting Gear Direct content for personal use

We have created the content on our website for use by our visitors and welcome you to read any of it. You are also more than welcome to use it for any personal or professional reasons and can download our content to your desktop or mobile browser. Alternatively, you may print off our content as well.

If you believe that the content on our website would be useful elsewhere, please do share any content via link sharing or on social media. If you are producing content and feel that our website is a helpful resource, we would appreciate any backlinks that you could include back to our own website.  

Obtaining the permission of Lifting Gear Direct

If you would like to use the content listed on the Lifting Gear Website for reasons other than personal or professional, then please do get in contact with us. You can contact us at the following address:

Lifting Gear Direct Ltd

Units 16 & 17 The Wallows Industrial Estate

Fens Pool Avenue

Brierley Hill

West Midlands


Alternatively, feel free to e-mail us through our contact page here. Once we receive your request, whether in a letter or through e-mail, we will consider it as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours. Once we have made our decision on your request, we will inform you about whether or not you can re-use our content for commercial reasons. Please understand that we have worked hard to produce this content and so reserve the right to decline your request for re-using copyrighted content if we believe that the re-use of it will not be in the best interests of either Lifting Gear Direct or our members.

Lifting Gear Direct’s policy for pursuing legal action after a copyright breach

As previously mentioned, Lifting Gear Direct have dedicated a lot of time to creating unique and useful content for all those that visit our website, and so where copyright has been breached, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.

The first approach of Lifting Gear Direct is to try and resolve the situation amicably without legal action. We will contact the third party that has breached copyright, whether intentionally or accidentally, and inform them of the situation. We will contact the third party by e-mail and kindly request that our content is removed from wherever it has been published. If our request is followed through, then no further action will be undertaken.

If the third party in question ignores or refuses our request, Lifting Gear Direct may be forced to take legal action, which may include seeking an injunction to have the copyrighted content removed.

Have you seen Lifting Gear Direct content elsewhere?

If you believe that you have seen content of Lifting Gear Direct’s elsewhere (regardless of whether or not it has been accredited to us) we kindly ask that you get in touch with us. We will then review the situation and take the necessary steps from there.

Copyright claims made against Lifting Gear Direct

We always aim to produce 100% unique content, but if you believe that Lifting Gear Direct have themselves breached copyright, please get in contact with us. Although it is unlikely that we will have breached copyright, we will act swiftly to resolve any claims that are made against us.

Thank you for taking time to read through our copyright statement.

©Lifting Gear Direct – Date of last update - 14th August 2016.