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Electric Hoist

What is an Electric Hoist and what are its uses? 

An electric hoist is specifically used for lowering and lifting heavy materials and is commonly used in the construction industry. Used with a controller and an electric motor, it ensures lifting heavy loads are completed safely and securely with the ability to adjust the speed and height of the hoist. These can also be referred to as electric chain hoists, which can lift materials as standard from 250kg up to 5 tonnes. However, specially set up chain hoists can lift an excess weight of up to the capacity of 30 tons. Lifting Gear Direct supplies both manual and electric hoists in addition to manufacturing crane and gantry systems. Our expert team has many years of experience offering breakdown repair and inspection services covering all of the UK. 

Electric Hoist vs Manual Hoist 

Electric Hoists vs Manual Hoists is all dependent on what type of job you wish to complete.

An electric hoist can reach up to 12 meters per minute (dependant on the model) All models have different speeds, however, if you are looking for fast hoisting an electric hoist offers greater speed than a manual hoist.

When lifting heavy loads manual labour can slow you down, electric hoists are easier to use than manual hoists and require less manpower. If frequent use is required electric hoists will be more beneficial. Electric hoists are hassle-free, easily operated, and can lift to high precision.

Electric hoists, however, do come with a cost, although they are not as expensive compared to a Crane, they are more costly compared to manual hoists. Manual hoists work by hand but for this reason, have a lower lift capacity, with their maximum lift weight sitting around 5 tons.

Manual Hoists are beneficial for smaller jobs and those hard-to-reach spaces. They are easier to move around and do not require an electric source meaning they are functional anywhere. Light lifting tasks can be completed with ease and precision and provide a more affordable lift if a bulkier alternative isn’t appropriate.

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Benefits of an Electric Hoist 

There are many benefits of using an electric hoist these include but are not limited to:

  • The swift timescale in which a job can be completed.
  • They are cost-effective
  • Much more efficient
  • They are safe
  • They have a large range of lifting capacities
  • There are plenty of choices to meet individual demands in terms of size, shape, features, and functions.
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