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500kg Lifting Gantries

500kg Lifting Gantries

This is the smallest of our custom made lifting gantry systems, which are made to order to your exact specifications. The 500kg lifting gantries have a choice of additional components to tailor the gantry to suit your lifting task.

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They can safely handle the lifting and lowering of loads up to 500kg but should NEVER be overloaded; guessing the weight of a load is unacceptable. Half a tonne of lifting power should be enough to make a number of handling tasks easier, although you can check out our full lifting equipment range from LGD  to see the various custom configurations we can create. 

500kg Lifting Gantry Customisation Options

We can manufacture the 500kg lifting gantry to a height to suit your needs, though the maximum under beam height allowed is 4.5 metres, so anything under this figure is easily do-able. 

When it comes to the span of the 500kg lifting gantry the maximum measurement is 5 metres, this is the distance inside the two a-frame sides, so the total size will be slightly larger, allowing for the beam to sit on top of the a-frame legs. 

500kg Lifting Gantry Mobility

As with all of our lifting gantries, you have a number of options in terms of how this assembly can be used. If you are looking for a fixed lifting solution, it can be bolted in place while still offering a straightforward removal process when it needs to be repositioned further down the line. If you need a mobile platform for safe lifting, you can equip it with castors. The choice is yours, and our custom made gantries really do put you in control of the specifications. 

There are pros and cons to consider whatever gantry configuration you choose to adopt, so make sure you think carefully before you commit to a particular setup. If you need help and advice, you can count on the experts at Lifting Gear Direct to point you in the right direction. 

500kg Lifting Gantries – Additional Features

Extras available include:

·         electric isolator switch

·         parking jacks

·         electric cable holders, i.e. festoon wires, catenary systems. 

If you need a hoisting system added, just let us know and we can talk you through the range of high quality equipment we sell at Lifting Gear Direct. All of our custom assemblies are manufactured by experienced professionals and finished to a market-leading standard. We stock products from mainstream brands to go along with our one-of-a-kind creations, giving you total peace of mind. We even carry out lifting equipment inspections, as well as helping customers to maintain and repair their kit as time passes and wear and tear mounts up. 

Other lifting capacities are available up to 5000kg in our lifting gantry range. Whether you have a heavy-duty handling task to tackle, or need to move lighter loads safely and securely, we will have something to offer you. 

Call or Email for Full Lifting Gantry Info

The quickest way to find out about our custom made gantries is to call our team on 01384 76961. We will talk you through each product, give you a quote and even estimate a delivery date for any lifting gantry we sell. You can also use our contact form to send an email, which we will respond to as swiftly as possible.