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Load and Force Calculation Equipment

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The lifting of heavy loads can be a dangerous task, and so safety is of the upmost importance. Overloading the lifting device is one of the main causes of serious injury, so knowing the weight of the load which needs lifting is very important, as is the forces applied to the load when lifted, however this is not always easy to determine; this is where crane scales and load cells come in handy.

A crane scale is a weighing device that attaches to the hook on a crane or hoist for example, so that when the load is attached to the crane or hoist a test lift (just clear of the floor) can be performed so that the scale can accurately determine the exact weight of the load; from this information it can be ascertained whether the crane or lifting device has the relevant lifting capacity and therefore capable of lifting the load safely.

Crane scales are probably the most utilised within the shipping industry, in ports and dockyards. They are regularly used for weighing shipping containers which can vary greatly in weight, depending on what shipment they are carrying. Many production plants also make good use of crane scales. In fact anywhere that cranes, hoists and other lifting devices are used for lifting a wide variety of loads on a frequent basis would benefit from using a crane scale to precisely determine the weight of each load.

Load Cells and Dynamometers are great for ascertaining calculations such as weight and various forces. We have a large range available, some with remote control, computer link ups, LCD displays and more, take a look through our range for more information.