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Chain Slings

Available in any combination, we offer single leg, 2 leg, 3 leg and 4 leg chain slings at highly competitive prices. A chain sling is a highly versatile lifting tool which is extremely safe to use. Lifting Gear Direct make slings ranging from 7mm to 32mm in any length to match your exact specification, with a choice of end fittings available to suit your individual lifting requirements. For greater flexibility, shortening grab hooks can also be fitted. We test each sling extensively before delivery, and each sling is certified and marked clearly with its safe working load and individual identification number.

Single Leg Chain Sling with block
single leg chain sling with barrel
single leg chain sling
single leg chain sling with cylinder

Single Leg Chain Slings

Chain SizeStraight LiftSingle Leg in Basket HitchChoke HitchBasket Hitch
mm (back hooked into top link)
two leg chain sling with cylinders
two leg chain sling with roller
Two leg chain sling with basket

Two Leg Chain Slings / Dual Leg Chain Slings

Chain Size Straight LiftChoke HitchDouble Basket
mm0° - 45°45° - 60°0° - 45°45° - 60°0° - 45°45° - 60°

Three and Four Leg Chain Slings

Chain SizeStraight LiftChoke HitchDouble Basket
mm0 - 45°45 - 60°0 - 45°45 - 60°0 - 45°45 - 60°
four leg chain sling with boxfour leg chain sling with wire boxThree leg chain sling

Grade 80 Components

Master Links
Master Links
Sub Assemblies
Sub Assemblies
Sling Hook
Sling Hooks
Component Connector
Reevable Egg Link
Egg Link
Grab Hook
Grab Hooks
Clevis Shackle
Clevis Shackle
Shortening Clutches
Omega Link
Omega Link
Foundry Hook
Foundry Hook
Barrel Hook
Barrel Hook
Container Hook
Container Hooks
Eye Self Locking Hook
Eye Self
Locking Hook
Clevis C Hook
Clevis C Hook
Swivel Self Locking Hook
Swivel Self
Locking Hook
Swivel Sling Hook
Swivel Sling Hook
Eye Sling Hook
Eye Sling Hook
Swivel Sling Hook
Swivel Sling Hook
Closed Coupling Master Link
Closed Coupling
Master Link
Half Coupling Link
Half Coupling
Round Sling Cou;ing
Round Sling
Coupling Pin and Sleeve Set
Coupling Pin &
Sleeve Set
Clevis Skip Hook with Spring Gate
Clevis Skip Hook
With Spring Gate
Swivel Self Locking Hook
Swivel Self
Locking Hook
Weld on Lifting Point
Weld on
Lifting Point
Weld on Hook
Weld on Hook
Bolt On Lifting Point
Lifting Point
Insulated Blank Swivel
Insulated Blank

Tips For Using Grade 80 Chain Slings

Chain Sling carrying blockEdge Loading and Packing

Chain should always support the load in a straight line;l If you need it to go round sharp edges then use appropriate packing to protect the chain from damage. It is also imperative that the chain is never twisted or knots when under load.Edge loading and packing chain slings

Landing a load safely
Landing A Load Safely

Prior to any load being lifted, the area where it will be set down must be prepared; it is normal practice for timber battens to be used to place the load onto, as this allows for the easy removal of the chain sling. The load should never be set down directly on the chain.

Storing chain slings
Storing Chain Slings

Chain slings should never be left on a crane hook, nor left lying on the ground, they should always be hung in a suitably designed rack to avoid damage.

Balanding the load
Balancing The Load

Firstly assess the load and estimate where the centre of gravity is likely to be, then attach the chain sling so the centre of gravity is directly below the lifting point. A test lift should then be performed, lifted just clear of the ground, if the load tilts then the sling will need to be re-positioned, then re-tested, repeat this operation until a stable lift is achieved.

Controling the load using tag lines
Controlling The Load Using Tag Lines

During the lifting of long loads, a rope or tag line should be attached to one or both ends of the load, this practice allows good control of any rotational movement.

Using in Extreme Conditions

Temperature of ChainReduction In Load Limit While HeatedPermanent Reduction In Working Load Limit
-40°C - 200°CNoneNone
over 200C to 300C10%None
over 300C to 400C25%None
over 400CDO NOT USE

Acidic Conditions
Grade 80 chain slings should not be in or near acidic or caustic solutions due to the risk of hydrogen embrittlement

Our range of chain slings include products from many of the leading manufacturers and biggest brand names, including Pewag, Rud, Kuplex, Hackett and Gunnebo, with grade 100 available on request. As with all of our lifting products, we provide our chain slings at fantastic prices to save our customers money, and to ensure standards of health and safety are maintained we provide full safety instructions and guidance to ensure that you can operate your sling safely and effectively. If you ever need some help selecting the right product for your specific application, don’t worry, as our experienced and technically knowledgeable team will always be on hand to advise you as to the best chain sling for your budget and requirements.

Ready to purchase one of our chain slings? Complete our quick contact form now to begin your enquiry or call us on 01384 76961 to speak to a member of our team about your order.


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