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3000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

3000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

Perched just below our range-topping 5000kg capacity gantries, this 3000kg A frame model will be a marvellous addition to your arsenal of lifting equipment. Lift heavier loads higher and further with this custom made A frame gantry.
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  • Product Code: 3000KG A Frame Gantry with 4.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span
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 It makes moving cargo and equipment as simple and safe as possible, providing a 4.5x4 metre configuration that mixes compactness with convenience.

A frame gantry benefits

Amongst our lifting gantries, the A frame construction of the supporting beams is the most popular. It helps to keep the entire assembly stable when under load, while also meaning that it does not take up too much space or prove problematic to move in between jobs.

Since it has a load limit of 3 tonnes, this gantry matches our largest jib cranes for practical lifting purposes. If the capacity or 4.5x4 dimensions are too small or large for your needs, let us know and we can talk you through our other options.

Attachments and more

With beam clamps, trolleys and a remarkable range of accessories in stock, Lifting Gear Direct can adorn any gantry you order with the kit required to get it into service immediately.

An easy ordering process

You can learn more about our gantries, get a quote and put in an order with us by calling 01384 76961 to chat with our team or by using the enquiry form found on our site.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
3000KG 4500mm 4000mm