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5000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

5000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

No lifting task is too great or small for our 5000kg A frame gantry, especially when you choose a custom made 3.5x4 metre model produced by the specialists at Lifting Gear Direct.
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  • Product Code: 5000KG A Frame Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span
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 We make custom cranes and gantries of all types, serving customers across the country.

5000kg Gantry crane features

Constructed from the ground up to match your needs, this A frame gantry is a good option for handling duties which need to be carried out in a variety of different places. It can be moved from site to site without a fuss, coming in three key pieces, while also having the option to go all-in on mobility with castors and parking jacks.

The 5 tonne working load limit of this model lets you lug larger objects and equipment completely safely. The only thing to remember is that the gantry should not be moved while it is doing its job.

Equipment on offer

Leave the addition of lifting equipment to your lifting gantry to our team. We can include things like chain hoists, lifting shackles and many other products of exceptional quality with your order.

Ask for lifting gantry advice

A brief email sent to LGD is all you need to learn more about our custom lifting gantry products. Our friendly sales team can also be contacted on 01384 76961.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
5000KG 3500mm 4000mm