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5000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span

5000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span

Move loads more easily with our 5 tonne capacity A frame lifting gantry. We can customise this product to offer a 3.5x5 metre beam construction, creating a practical and flexible solution for many commercial lifting challenges.
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  • Product Code: 5000KG A Frame Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Span
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Benefits of the 5000KG A Frame Lifting Gantry with 3.5MTR Under beam 

The 3.5 metre under beam height of this particular lifting gantry is the lowest we can create for our 5000kg capacity range. Meanwhile the 5 metre span is the widest we offer, making this particular assembly an intriguing combination.

It is well suited to safe lifting in scenarios where there might not be much headroom to harness. It is also impressive in terms of its portability; you can transport it to where it is needed, add castors to help it roll into position, then jack it up to level everything out and get to work.

Appealing accessories

No lifting gantry would be complete without an appropriate adornment of equipment and accessories. From clamps and force calculation kit to load restraints and beyond, Lifting Gear Direct will provide a completely customised assembly made up of the components you have requested.

No obligation advice

If you are in need of a helping hand when it comes to A frame lifting gantries, just email or call our experts on 01384 76961 for friendly guidance, product info and quotes.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
5000KG 3500mm 5000mm