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Demag kbk over braced lightweight wall mounted jib crane

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Demag KBK Over Braced Lightweight Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Demag KBK Over Braced Lightweight Wall Mounted Jib Crane

This lightweight Jib crane is from the Demag wall mounted swing jib crane range. It can be mounted to an existing wall or column as long as it is structurally sound and able to take the weight of the jib and the forces of the loads it will lift.
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Design benefits of the KBK Over Braced Lightweight Wall Mounted Jib Crane

The lightweight design of this Demag Jib crane comes from the hollow steel sections used for the jib arm. A groove/channel runs along the bottom for easy fitting of a special trolley and hoist system by Demag. This channel also carries the power cable and keeps it tidy and safely out of the way.

Because the hoisting equipment runs along the bottom of the jib arm/boom it is not possible to under brace it for extra support, and so these swing jibs are over braced to give the boom the extra support it needs to carry the load to the very end. The length of outreach of the boom can be from 2 to 7 meters for models up to 250kg and up to 6 metres for the 500kg & 1000kg models. The long outreach of these wall mounted cranes means they are ideal for moving loads around from one bay to another as in warehouse facilities, and assembly lines.

As stated on the Demag wall mounted jib crane page the slewing range depends on the mounting. Column mounted ones can slew up to 270 degrees whilst flat wall mounted ones max out at 180 degrees.

Ordering your Demag Jib Crane

Whether you need advice or know exactly what you want, call Lifting Gear Direct today on 01384 76961. You can also email us on our contacts page. Remember to order any secondary lifting equipment at the same time to ensure you have everything you need all in one go. We supply every type of lifting hoist, lifting slings and loose tackle to compliment all our crane and gantry systems.


Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7
80 C C C C C C
125 C C C C C C
250 C C C C C C
500 C C C C C D
1000 C C C C C D