Heavy duty tipping skip contact rfs hd

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Heavy Duty Tipping Skip - Contact RFS-HD

Heavy Duty Tipping Skip - Contact RFS-HD

The RFS-HD is a heavy duty tipping skip with a 5mm steel hopper and frame.
  • Brand:: Contact
  • Product Code: Contact RFS-HD
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The easy to use release mechanism enables quick and simple emptying of waste materials.

The full width release handle allows easy tipping without the need for leaning between the rear of the skip and forklift carriage.

The twin locking devices keep the skip secure even when unevenly loaded.

Pre-drilled castor plates to enable quick bolting-on of castors.

OPTIONAL EXTRASfor the Heavy Duty Tipping Skip - Contact RFS-HD 

  • castors - standard or heavy duty; braked or unbraked.
  • lifting lugs for crane slung lifting
  • colour - yellow, blue, red, green
  • Auto-retention - locks & unlocks skip to forks automatically
  • Drain taps
Model Ref Weight (KG) C of G Min C of G Max Load centre 
RFS 25L-HD 119 818mm 595mm 575mm
RFS 40L-HD 133 899mm 679mm 679mm
RFS 80L-HD 173 1048mm 735mm 735mm
RFS 120L-HD 206 1151mm 835mm 835mm
RFS 160L-HD 228 1184mm 835mm 835mm
RFS 200L-HD 256 1187mm 835mm 835mm


Model Ref Volume Capacity (KG) A B C D E F
RFS 25L-HD 0.25m? 1000 1148mm 794mm 678mm 1025mm 890mm 547mm
RFS 40L-HD 0.40m? 1000 1410mm 794mm 781mm 1197mm 890mm 547mm
RFS 80L-HD 0.80m? 1000 1480mm 1300mm 834mm 1325mm 890mm 600mm
RFS 120L-HD 1.20m? 1250 1710mm 1300mm 985mm 1540mm 890mm 750mm
RFS 160L-HD 1.60m? 1250 1710mm 1700mm 985mm 1540mm 890mm 750mm
RFS 200L-HD 2.00m? 1500 1710mm 2125mm 985mm 1540mm 890mm 750mm


Heavy Duty Tipping Skip - Contact RFS-HD

Model Ref Volume Capacity O/all Length O/all Width O/all Height
  [M3] [mm] [mm] [mm]
RFS 25L-HD 0.25 1148 794 678
RFS 40L-HD 0.4 1410 794 781
RFS 80L-HD 0.8 1710 900 985
RFS 120L-HD 1.2 1710 1300 985
RFS 160L-HD 1.6 1710 1700 985
RFS 200L-HD 2 1710 2125 985